Nurse Saturated answers the most frequent questions about the AstraZeneca vaccine

Héctor Castiñeira, nurse at the October 12 Hospital and known on social media as Saturated Nurse, has resolved in Public Mirror the doubts about the AstraZeneca vaccine after the cases of thrombi in some of the people who have received it. Castiñeira explains that a thrombus is a blood clot inside a blood vessel that … Read more

A study that raises questions in Chile: the Chinese vaccine Coronavac effective at … 3% after the first dose

This study in real conditions, carried out by the University of Chile, took into account the overall effect of vaccination in this country where two vaccines have been administered since December 24: the Coronavac vaccine from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac which represents the overwhelming majority (93%) of the doses administered, and the German-American vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech. … Read more

“Yahoo Answers”, home of the worst questions on the Internet, to close its doors after sixteen years of existence

What to do when you are torn by an absurd question about existence or a medical problem? The answer is obviously to ask complete strangers on the Internet for their opinion … For more than fifteen years, there has been an ideal place for this, “Yahoo Questions / Answers” (“Yahoo Answers” in its original English … Read more

5 questions about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The countdown is almost over. Unless there are last-minute hitches, in the period between 16 and 19 April Italy should start administering the anti Covid vaccine created by Johnson & Johnson. Ad26.COV2.S, also known as Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine, has been approved for emergency use by the European Medicines Agency (Ema) last March 11 and by … Read more

Solve questions! Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite vs Redmi Note 10 Pro, the same price, which model to choose?

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MotoGP 2021 Qatar / 2: ideas, questions and considerations – MotoGP

What were the keys to the GP? Bagnaia’s mistake. At the first corner of the 17th lap, while he was third, Pecco missed the braking and ended up long: in my opinion it was a decisive moment, he had the speed to win; The first 7 laps of Vinales. After having missed the start, Maverick … Read more

Is the AstraZeneca vaccine safe? What are the side effects of vaccines against covid-19? | Questions and answers

So far, 1,833,218 doses of vaccines against covid-19 have been administered in Portugal, according to the latest data made available this Sunday by the Ministry of Health. The data also show that 5.41% of the Portuguese have already received the two doses of the vaccine – that is, they are completely vaccinated against covid-19, at … Read more

Open 24 questions. Former manager “Cicada” sent a message to “Dent Panadda”

Thai entertainment March 24, 2021 – 15:52 Attorney Nida Saranya revealed the chat message. Former manager Cicada Achamsiri sent to Dent Panadda and the media to create a second world story until it became a big story. Including a chat message claiming that K Wattana is doing gray business And interfere with drugs By creating … Read more

Documentary: Britney Spears, a fate that questions our society

“Framing Britney Spears,” the “New York Times” documentary, will be available April 5 on Amazon Prime. An enlightening film, which highlights the fate of the pop icon. Cis a story that could have been a fairy tale. That of a naturally gifted little girl who dreamed of becoming a star and who, in a few … Read more