After shopping at the supermarket – another queue? Oh no: StrongPoint’s solution

The fast automated self-service cash registers of Mamenins shopping places speed up shopping, and allow the representatives of the trading business to use resources more efficiently. However, technological progress, at least in Lithuania, has not yet reached the sale of tobacco products. For a product whose trade regulation is getting tighter, the installation, sales process … Read more

Tao TV Pool hints at ‘Couple Y’ queue to call for Forex-3d related exam

Tao TV Pool hints at ‘Couple Y’ queue to call for Forex-3d related exam It is a lawsuit that has received great attention from the public. With the Forex-3d Phenomena case where famous celebrities appear in the top line Continuous downline latest Tao TV Pool posted a message saying extreme sex The godfather of chain … Read more

The queue of vehicles at the Vivo Pasteur gas station spreads to the highway, Jalan Pasteur is jammed this morning

PRFMNEWS – This morning Monday, September 26, 2022 there was a density on Jalan Dr. Djunjunan or Jalan Pasteur, Bandung. It turns out that the cause of congestion on the road Pasteur today was not because of any particular incident. Based on residents’ reports to the editor of Radio PRFM, it turns out that there … Read more

A New Phenomenon, The Queue of Pertalite Buyers at Gas Stations is Now Exploding and Snaking. Turns out this is the trigger! » JOGLOSEMAR NEWS

Long queues of consumers in the Pertalite BBM service can be seen at the Nglangon gas station in Sragen. Photo/Wardoyo SRAGEN, JOGLOSEMARNEWS.COM – After the price increase of three types of fuel oil (BBM) some time ago, a new phenomenon appeared in Sragen. Since the increase in fuel prices PertaliteSubsidized Solar and Pertamax, the queue … Read more

Seven kilometer queue: Fleeing

Ever since Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday morning ordered a partial mobilization of the people to support his brutal warfare in Ukraine, traffic out of Russia has skyrocketed. Just minutes after it became clear that 300,000 people will now be conscripted, against their will, into active military service, plane tickets out of Russia, torn … Read more

Security every hundred meters, wristbands, toilet villages and iron discipline: this is how the British organize a 16 km queue | Queen Elizabeth II passed away

The British have three words for it. The Row. The Line. The Queue. But all three mean the same thing: it’s the ten-mile, wildly serene queue for the Queen, right through London. How did the British manage to do that so smoothly? With wristbands, toilet villages, security every hundred meters, courtesy and iron discipline. Sabine … Read more

Jokowi Harvest! 13 New Toll Roads Queue, Done This Year

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the early days of the administration of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), connectivity and infrastructure were the two things that were most in the spotlight. And, this year, President Jokowi and the people of Indonesia will harvest 19 toll roads along 283.15 km. In detail, until August 2022, six new toll … Read more

VIDEO: Opening of Primark in Brno: music, DJ, champagne and a huge queue

9:52. Loud music blares from Primark. As the DJ cranks up the tempo, the managers pop the champagne and the staff celebrate loudly. “I don’t really need to shop, but I was wondering what it would look like here. I’m a curious person and a little self-absorbed,” laughs David Josef, one of the waiting visitors. … Read more

Construction chaos in Kragerø – almost a thousand cases in the queue – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

– It is hopeless, says William Jonas Myhre, who has been waiting for a total of six years to get an answer to his building application. When he and his wife found a house on Tåtøy that they thought was charming, they wanted to move to Kragerø to enjoy their old age here. The house … Read more

Jokowi Claims Investors Queue to RI After Raw Material Exports Are Banned

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) claims that many countries want investation in Indonesia for fear of export ban raw material. “Ask the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, people come in droves every day wanting to invest, whether from Korea, Japan, China, Europe for fear that we will stop the … Read more