A quick victory was followed by a series of disasters. How the Americans unleashed shock and awe in Iraq 20 years ago

Former French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau once said that war is a series of disasters that end in victory. The Guardian newspaper writesthat the war in Iraq, on the contrary, began with a victory and ended with a series of disasters. Operation Iraqi Freedom, the attack by allied troops against Iraq and Saddam Hussein’s regime, … Read more

How to make chocolate chip cookies just like the ones at Costco? Here is the quick and easy recipe

Written in LIFESTYLE he 19/3/2023 · 16:06 hs There are several products that are only sold in Costco and are liked by the public, such as pizza, cheesecakes or chocolate chip cookies. Recently that store caused controversy because a boy was denied membership, since his first last name is supposedly on a list of “prohibited … Read more

Link to the new Shahid4u website.. A quick link to enter the original Shahid4u website

Shahid4u, the new site, topped the search indicators on Google Trend and social media platforms, after the original site was closed more than a month ago. Shahid4u website Watch for you new site In the following lines, “Al Intilaaqah News” provides you with a direct link to enter the Shahid4U website. Shahid4u comes at the … Read more

Gift Orban’s crazy night – set a historically quick hat-trick

The first meeting between Gent and Basaksehir ended 1-1 in the Round of 16 of the Europa Conference League. But in the return, the numbers turned out to be completely different – thanks in large part to Gift Orban. The 20-year-old striker became the man of the match, with a record mark. The Nigerian scored … Read more

Honda’s Desperate Steps to Hold Marc Marquez Who Needs Quick Results

BOLASPORT.COM – There are no positive signs of getting out of the crisis, so Honda is reported to have ordered a new chassis from the well-known manufacturer Kalex. The collaboration between Honda and the most successful chassis developer in Moto2 previously only covered the swingarm. Kalex presents a swingarm made of aluminum material, replacing the … Read more

Quick and easy, DASH diet recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Unlike other strict diets, the DASH diet is quite easy to follow. DASH diet recipes don’t have to contain complicated and special ingredients, says Jennifer Koslo, author of The Complete Dash Diet for Beginners. These are her DASH diet tips. What does DASH diet stand for? The DASH diet, too Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension, … Read more

Mental attack! The “Quick Fighting Whirlwind 6” mod allows all members to win the animation show. If the middle finger wins, don’t you talk about martial arts and engage in “convex” attacks | Game Corner | Digital

This is called provocation! Capuco’s new fighting game “Quick Fighting Tornado 6” will be released in June. However, due to the previous beta test, mod players have stretched out their claws. In addition to the regular clothes replacement, there has been an annoying character that makes the character compare his middle finger recently. mod. According … Read more

Strong heat dissipation, quick disassembly without tools!! Cooler Master Oracle AIR M.2 SSD External Box- HKEPC Hardware in Computer Field

Cooler Master Oracle AIR SSD enclosure Want to find an M.2 SSD external box with good heat dissipation? Cooler Master Oracle AIR will be an ideal choice. The entire external box is made of aluminum metal. The front and back have aluminum extrusion grooves to increase the heat dissipation surface and add springs. The buckle … Read more

iPhone Long Press Cheats: Notification Screen, Special Symbols and Quick Return- Saydigi-Tech

iPhone Long Press Cheats: Notification Screen, Special Symbols and Quick Return The operation of the iPhone can be said to be quite intuitive, but it turns out that some ingenuity is cleverly hidden in it. Here we are going to share three “long press” actions on the iPhone, let us find out that “it can … Read more