The date blindly extended the lockdown. The Chinese woman got stuck in the apartment of a quiet suitor

Sounds a bit like an introvert’s nightmare. Parents are unaware that they have an unmarried daughter at home. He arranges for her to date blindly with foreign men, so her daughter leaves Shanghai for another province and fulfills their wishes. At dinner in the “suitor’s number five” apartment, the government will declare a lockdown. Not … Read more

I’m tired of being quiet! – VG

SPEAKING AT THE UNIVERSITY: President Biden fully focused on election laws during his speech at the University of Atlanta on Tuesday. Photo: Megan Varner / AFP The US president says he wants to save American democracy, but is struggling to get his own. Published: Updated yesterday 04:54 In a speech in Atlanta on Tuesday, the … Read more

Quiet in Venice, Milan temporarily settles in the lead / Serie A / J21 / Venice-AC Milan (0-3) / January 9, 2022 /

Venice 0-3 AC Milan Boots: Ibrahimovic (3e) and Hernández (48e and 59e, SP)Expulsion: Freedom (58e) for Venice The Rossoneri resist. The good week continued this Sunday for AC Milan, who calmly dominated Venice at Stadio Pierluigi Penzo thanks in particular to a double from Theo Hernández.It was Zlatan Ibrahimović who had previously launched the Rossoneri … Read more

Fire brigade bombarded with fireworks, 139 fires and young people who demolish cars: this was the ‘quiet turn of the year’ in this region | old and new in river country

NIJMEGEN / BEESD – Firefighters pelted with fireworks, 139 fires in Gelderland-South and 9 arrests within Nijmegen. The brief overview of the past turn of the year in this region indicates a turbulent night. Yet emergency services speak of ‘a relatively quiet old and new’. Officially, there was a national fireworks ban, but anyone who … Read more

A quiet Christmas – with a dramatic battle for Russia’s place in Europe

29. of. 2021 09:30 Last updated yesterday 09:54 “The weapons are in our front yard,” President Vladimir Putin said of NATO. Moscow’s vocabulary has been clear enough: NATO countries “stand on the doorstep of our house with their weapons”, according to Leonid Sluzky – chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma, the … Read more

Dynamics, environmental friendliness and quiet – not the only advantages of electric cars

Electric cars are often praised by their owners for their strong acceleration, environmental friendliness and quiet driving, but they have another important advantage: a proportionately larger cabin space. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Until relatively recently, electric cars were built on the basis of customized internal combustion models, and this was probably the … Read more

Dynamics, environmental friendliness and quiet – these are not the only advantages of electric cars – Car news – Car

“Even if it requires a lot of investment and nothing happens without a huge investment in the car industry, it makes sense to develop specialized platforms for electrical models. For an electric car, the power train consists of other assemblies that have a specific spatial volume or dimensions. For example, it is not so easy … Read more

Quiet Please! There’s the Latest Good News About Omicron

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Good news regarding handling the deployment of the Omicron Variant continues to emerge. This time, a preliminary study suggested that a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine could counteract the severity of the new variant. quote Straits Times, there was a meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO), Wednesday (15/12/2021), scientists … Read more

“Twelve years… ” A quiet female celebrity delivered surprising news today (8th)

The new status of Nana, an actress from the group After School, has been revealed. Below News 1 Pledis Entertainment, Nana’s agency, said on the 8th, “We have renewed our contract with Nana, who is currently active as a singer and actress.” The agency said, “Nana and the company signed the third contract based on … Read more