PMU race interview, Tuesday in Enghien (R-4). Jérémy Koubiche: The autostart suits him…

INTACT PONT ROYAL (304) will depart from Price of the Pré-Saint-Gervais Gate, Tuesday, in Enghien (R-4). Here are the impressions of his entranceMr. Jérémy Koubiche “Since his castration, he has progressed, being less restrained. He raced last year and this year in Belgium because he has dual nationality. This has also allowed me to shape … Read more

A race against time .. How does the Egyptian League overcome the “time difference” crisis?

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" With the start of local football seasons in Europe recently, or tournaments in other countries preparing to start soon, it is still a season Egyptian League The current campaign continues until August, while the cup championship witnessed a rare phenomenon, which is the overlapping of two successive editions in time. … Read more


Le pronostic 11 – LA ROSELIERE (photo), pleasant winner on July 28 at the Lion d’Angers, deserves a lot of credit, like the very fit 1 – JOHN DAL PONTEridden by Florent Guy. If he is well moon, 7 – LETTYT FIGHT can be formidable. 10 – VILARO, 6 – WOW et 3 – … Read more

European cycling championships, Elia Viviani’s feat: first he runs the online road race and then wins the gold medal in the elimination on the track

Tireless Elia Viviani. The cyclist from Veneto class ’89 won the gold medal in theelimination on the track at the European Cycling Championships in Munich after five hours earlier, in the same afternoon, he had already disputed the road race in which he finished in seventh place (best among the Italians). On the track, Viviani … Read more


Le pronostic After achieving the challenge of aligning three rank handicaps, the last in a Z5 event, Golden Call changes register with the highest ambitions. Of good birth, Beans opened his prize list with style for his comeback, on the course of the day. Agile is engaged in the Arc de Triomphe. There is … Read more

All the symbols of the Italian parties in the race (and there are also poets and sirens) –

from Mark Esposito Until 4 pm on Sunday it is possible to hand over the electoral badges to the Interior Ministry. Italian Liberal Party, Maie and Holy Roman Catholic Empire were the top three In the first place there is the Pli Italian Liberal Party (but there is a dispute in progress with a former … Read more

Gouveia e Melo, from vice admiral of vaccines to leader in the race for the presidency | Gouveia and Melon

Gouveia e Melo is probably the most consensual person that Portugal has produced in recent times. Left and right, the “vaccine admiral” has been praised, lauded, sometimes almost canonized, by institutions and ordinary people alike. The result of the successful vaccination now appears in the polls for the presidential elections: 30% of the voting intentions, … Read more