Kaňka in Letná: Poulolo complained about racism, he also has support from the Spartans

Football Sigma lost on Saturday evening in the premiere match of the new season in Letná with Prague Sparta 2: 3. Minimally unbiased fans, however, had to enjoy the match. But he also had a shameful snare. About ten minutes before the end, Olomouc defender Florent Poulolo gestured angrily towards referee Pavel Orlo. He complained … Read more

Norwegian Politics, Politics | SV takes a hard line against Solberg: – The government must stop financing racism

Believes the government finances racism in Norwegian society. Earlier this week, the memorial to Benjamin Hermansen was tagged down with the text “Breivik was right”. Right-wing extremist attitudes have been frequently discussed in connection with the ten-year celebration of the terrorist attacks on 22 July. Also read: Meet to remember the victims after July 22: … Read more

An accusation of racism .. Gattuso is “angry”! Al-Ittihad newspaper

Milan (AFP) Italian coach Gennaro Gattuso confirmed today that he is still very upset for not being able to defend himself against the defamation campaign that targeted him on the Internet by some Tottenham fans, accusing him of racism. The former midfielder, who won with the Italian national team at the 2006 World Cup, appeared … Read more

After the “black” trio… Hamilton is a victim of “racism”

Paris (AFP) After the trio who failed to translate penalty kicks in the European Football Cup final that England lost a week ago in its stronghold “Wembley” against Italy, the British Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton fell victim to racism on social media, after his controversial victory Sunday in his country race.The Mercedes driver, … Read more

Racism causes the German Olympic team to withdraw from its match against Honduras before its end

The Japanese city of Wakayama hosted the preparatory friendly match between the German and Honduran teams in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics football, which begins in several days. While the result indicated a 1-1 draw, and five minutes before the end of the match, the German national team withdrew due to racist abuse against one … Read more

“We won’t listen to this.” The Germans did not finish the general at the Olympics due to alleged racism

The German football team did not finish the Tokyo Games in Japan due to an alleged racist insult. According to the Germans, her defender Jordan Torunarigh from Hertha Berlin was the target of racism, and one of Honduran’s rivals was supposed to commit racism. The duel took place in Wakayama and ended five minutes before … Read more

Scandal before the Olympics! German footballers did not finish the general race in Tokyo, racism is to blame

He was supposed to be a quiet friend before the top event, but in the end he was a nice cowgirl. The German football team did not finish general in Japan at the Tokyo Olympics against Honduras. This is due to racist insults aimed at defender Jordan Torunarigh of Hertha Berlin. The German duel with … Read more

The desire to have children is part of racism

Anti-natalism is a position that assigns a negative value to birth. Its representatives believe that people should give up procreation. Activist Mateusz Kozielecki points out that he is childless by choice. In the interview, he points out, inter alia, what he understands by anti-natalism and why the decision not to have children. There are some … Read more

Saka calls on social media to combat “internet racism”

London (Reuters) England’s Bukayo Saka said popular social media platforms were not doing enough to prevent racist abuse online, after he was insulted for missing a penalty in England’s European Championship final defeat to Italy on Sunday. Substitutes Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho both missed kicks in the 3-2 loss to Italy, while Saka, who … Read more

Hudson-Odoi, who escaped racism, will represent the African national team

2021-07-15 15:34 © Imago images photo London Chelsea striker Callum Hudson-Odoi was horrified by the incidents during the European Football Championship. The 20-year-old was particularly impressed by the attacks by local fans against black footballers on the English team when insults or threats were sent on social networks. It is said that last month the … Read more