Simple, cheap and invisible to radar. The Australians arranged cardboard drones for the Ukrainians

Corvo drones belong to the PPDS category, i.e. precision cargo delivery systems. According to the company, it is a “low-cost consumer drone for delivering supplies and equipment to areas where traditional means of logistics cannot reach.” They can, for example, deliver medicine or food packages to the soldiers defending Bachmut. However, at the request of … Read more

Rafters inspect Radar Unit 226 Buraen in Kupang

TNI ME AIRSPACE REVIEW ( – Air Force Chief of Staff (Kasau) Marshal TNI Fadjar Prasetyo inspected the Radar Unit (Satrad) 226 Buraen in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) on March 19, 2023. Kasau stated that Satrad 226 Buraen was an Early Warning Radar (Early Warning) and Ground Control Interception (GCI) which can control and … Read more

AI turns WiFi routers into space radar

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have presented an interesting new deep learning method that makes it possible to determine the position and posture of several people in a room just by analyzing WiFi signals. The researchers see their method as a cost-effective and, in some applications, better solution in terms of quality and data protection … Read more

radar| The secrets of ‘The dark side of the moon’ unraveled

We celebrate the anniversary of one of the most famous albums of the 20th century: The dark side of the moon. You know, that album with a prism and rainbow on the cover. Pink Floyd’s masterpiece may blow out fifty candles, but the album is more topical than ever with subjects such as the rat … Read more

After three months of forced shutdown, the new Cointe section radar will be operational this weekend: it flashes at 51 km / h

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In Canada, people rebelled against the new speed measurement

Many of the 75 radars were severely damaged. The rioters also attacked the booth, which issued almost 20,000 fines in just eight months. The Canadian population is beginning to shift from rational supporters of speed measurement to opponents of excessive and unsystematic spying on drivers. The most radical anti-radar views come from the Toronto area, … Read more

“This preventive radar on the N98 made no sense!” Judge Benoît Godart

The controversy only swells as the days go by! On Saturday February 11, the Walloon Region, and more precisely its district of Spy, decided to place a radar on the National 98 between Sambreville and Ligny. From 90 km / h in normal times, the limitation of this National was therefore going to pass, all … Read more

INVAP will build an AESA surveillance radar for the MEKO ships of the Argentine Navy

Under the Interadministrative Direct Hiring No. 38-0176-CDI22, the Argentine Navy and the INVAP company agreed to build a naval air and surface surveillance radar, based on active electronic vertical scanning (AESA) technology, to increase and improve the operational capacity of MEKO class surface units that currently make up the fleet of the Argentine Navy. The … Read more

Radar errors that affected air traffic in southern Norway have been found and resolved

Norway On Monday, air traffic in southern Norway was affected after the radar system that controls the airspace did not work as it should The seas Lock NTB 6. mars 2023 10:32 – Updated March 6, 2023 3:34 p.m On Monday, all air traffic in southern Norway operated with reduced capacity due to an error … Read more

Weather | Temperatures will rise to 11 °C, but we are also expecting rain and snow. Keep an eye on Lightning’s radar

Meteorologists are expecting heavy precipitation this week, locally including snow, which may also occur in medium, temporary and lower elevations. “After a very dry beginning of March, when an average of less than a millimeter of precipitation fell on the territory of the Czech Republic, we expect a record amount of precipitation in the current … Read more