Litvínov ruled in Vítkovice, Hradec lost in raids. Pilsen defeated Kladno, Liberec Sparta

Hradec Králové’s Mountfield dominated five of the last six mutual clashes with the Comet, but in Sunday’s balanced duel, in the end, guests from Brno had more reason to rejoice. After a goalless extra time, the raids were decisive and in the tenth series he scored a bonus point for Comet Hot. Liberec flew on … Read more

Pokémon GO: how to beat Genesect FulgoROM in 5-star raids? | Video game

Niantic continues to surprise the community of gamers with novelties Pokémon GO Worldwide. Thus, Genesect FulgoROM, one of the augmented reality game’s powerful creatures, is back in five-star raids. this pokemon It comes with some pretty interesting overall stats that make it an excellent pick for capturing it. Genesect FulgoROM, the region’s introduced Bug and … Read more

Colorado – Arizona 4: 3 SN, Czech goalkeepers in action. The Frenchman caught the win after the raids

The interesting fact that at a time when Czech hockey is suffering, goalkeepers are gaining ground in the NHL has also been confirmed in today’s NHL games. Pavel Francouz took the goal for the fourth time this year and faced a total of 26 shots in the match with Arizona. In the end, three pucks … Read more

Police have released a list of raids in January: the first group of drivers has already been inspected

According to the Lithuanian police, these raids are waiting for Lithuanian roads, cities and towns in January. January 1-4 – control of sobriety, intoxication, narcotics or other psychoactive substances by drivers, including bicycles and electric scooters. January 6-7 – control of pedestrians and cyclists – use of safety devices (reflectors, brightly colored vests with reflective … Read more

The Arab coalition announces new raids targeting a Houthi camp in Sanaa

Posted in: 26/12/2021 – 12:40Last updated: 26/12/2021 – 12:45 The Saudi-led coalition launched new raids in Yemen on Sunday targeting a Houthi camp in the capital, Sanaa, according to what was announced in a statement. This comes the day after the coalition announced a “large-scale” military operation in Yemen, after two people (a Saudi and … Read more

Olomouc – Karlovy Vary 3: 2 SN, West Bohemians lost to Haná after raids over two-goal lead

In the beginning, Flek seized the jumping puck, but did not overcome Konrád with a backhand. Nahodil escaped on the other hand, but Kunc overshot after his pass. During the guest power play, Pulpán charged Koblas to the left circle, and Konrád managed to move against the first shot. The score changed for the first … Read more

Home raids after the death threat of the state Prime Minister of Saxony

Correspondent Wouter Zwart: “It is all directly related to the corona measures. Saxony is the region with the highest infection rates in Germany and with the lowest vaccination rate. There are regular demonstrations in Saxony, including against the 2G measure and against the possible vaccination obligation that would come. Part of that anger is directed … Read more

Pardubice – Pilsen 4: 3 SN, Pardubice defended the third place, Pilsen defeated the raids

The Pardubice team started the match actively and in the third minute, after a big break, they missed Ciencialo’s goal. Goalkeeper Svoboda also managed with a shot by Hecl, on the other hand the Pardubice goalkeeper Frodl intervened against Dzierkals. The guests played the first power play in the middle of the first period, when … Read more

Pokémon GO: December 2021 Events – Highlights, Raids, and Details

Has already started new december month, the last of the year 2021, and Pokmon GO intends to start today the new Legacy Season along with a lot of news. Niantic’s popular mobile title recently shared all details for December 2021, from their new events, changes and rotations in featured Pokémon, and much more. Below we … Read more

Litvínov – Vítkovice 3: 4 SN, Vítkovice turned the match around in Litvínov, raids decided by Bukarts

The home team immediately had the advantage of a power play, but they could not punish Krenželok’s foul. In the fifth minute, Jarůšek’s run on the stick ended. A minute later, the North Bohemians were leading. The trail still managed to eliminate Latt’s chance, Irving ended the continuing end with a hug to the goal, … Read more