FORECAST: It will really tighten up in the Czech Republic. Snow and frost await us

We won’t enjoy much sunshine in the following days. On the contrary, we should take out umbrellas and beanies. In addition, it gets really cold at night and temperatures drop below zero. “Central Europe will be in the marginal flow of a massive pressure high above northeastern to northern Europe. At the same time, a … Read more

Strong winds, abundant precipitation: a major system is taking shape

A strong low pressure system is on radar. Hailing from Colorado, this disturbance is laden with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. It risks opening the door to a mass of warm air, which will interact with the Arctic air, which is firmly planted in the north of the continent. This contrast in temperatures could … Read more

From Vajont to Casamicciola, when nature is the stepmother – Chronicle

The drama of Casamicciola, with the umpteenth landslide that has sown death and destruction, is only the latest in a long series of events that have caused hundreds of deaths in Italy in the last 70 years. Earthquakes, floods, water bombs, hydrogeological phenomena which on many occasions have brought entire cities and portions of the … Read more

High Rain Intensity, Flash Floods Hit Sukolilo Pati

Flash Floods pass through Jalan Raya Prawoto- Sukolilo (Screenshot) Murianews, Pati – Flash floods hit the Sukolilo District, Pati Regency, Central Java, Sunday (27/11/2022) afternoon. This flood occurred due to high rainfall in the area. The Head of Daily Operations (Kalkhar) of the Pati Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Martinus Budi Prasetyo said the … Read more

Planet Sultan, Diamond Rain Occurs on Uranus and Neptune – Diamond Rain is a common occurrence on the planets Uranus and Neptune. These two planets have different compositions from other planets in the solar system namely water, methane and ammonia. Experts used to refer to these molecules as “ice” and to rain “diamonds” on the inside of the planet. Both icy planets likely … Read more

Horrified! 16 semi-permanent rentals collapsed in West Jakarta hit by rain and wind

Jakarta – A total of 16 collapsed building in Jelambar, West Jakarta, this afternoon. Dozens of buildings collapsed as a result of being hit rain accompanied by strong winds at location. “The affected objects are 16 semi-permanent rental units,” said the Head of BPBD DKI Jakarta Isnawa Adji in a statement to journalists, Saturday (26/11/2022). … Read more

After the “rain of missiles”, Agostinho Costa explains Russia’s “main objective”

Yesterday at 09:53 Major General Agostinho Costa, an expert in security matters, analyzes the Russian “rain of missiles” in Ukraine and its impact on the lives of Ukrainians. “One of the objectives is the impact on the morale of the population. But it is not the main thing, ”he said. For the expert, “the main … Read more

“If it continues without a lack of water, we will all whistle to the side”

After days of persistent and sometimes heavy rain, especially in the north and center of the country, the volume of inflows to the 79 national public dams (out of 80) monitored resulted in an increase of only 0.93%, or that is, 124 cubic hectometers (hm3). The total storage capacity in the public dam network is … Read more

Rain, admiring the 159 cm child’s physical… Do you like this because you don’t like exercise? (‘Season off season’)[종합]

[마이데일리 = 오윤주 기자] Singer Rain and Yooa, a member of the group Oh My Girl, created a delightful chemistry. On the 24th, a video titled ‘A toddler who came to dance and was hit by a calorie bomb’ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Season B Season’ run by singer Rain. On this day, … Read more