The ECB is likely to raise rates in the coming months, but then there could be a pause

European Central Bank (ECB) will probably continue to raise base rates in the next two meetings, economists predict. As early as next week, on February 2, at the upcoming meeting, the ECB could raise all main rates by 50 basis points, which can increase loan payments by around 10-15 euros on average. However, at the … Read more

Lithuania will raise funds for radars for Ukraine / Article

The campaign will run until February 24, the anniversary of the Russian invasion, and is organized by several non-governmental organizations in cooperation with the Lithuanian Public Broadcasting Organization. People can donate five euros by calling a special phone or transfer funds through the website. Organizers say that protecting populated areas and critical infrastructure facilities is … Read more

Has the high price of eggs made you want to raise chickens? Caution: this carries some health risks

With egg prices rising, more people may be tempted to raise their own chickens in their backyard. Before you decide to start building your chicken coop, health experts have a word of warning: caring for backyard chickens isn’t as easy as bringing home a new kitten, and keeping chickens can come with a host of … Read more

Employees including Oriental Land cast to raise wages by an average of about 7% | NHK

“Oriental Land”, which operates Tokyo Disneyland, has decided to raise wages by an average of about 7% for more than 20,000 employees, including full-time employees and part-timers. According to the announcement, Oriental Land will start from April this year,▽ Wages of employees, including managers,▽ Hourly wages for part-time and part-time jobs, including two theme park … Read more

CPF launches “Jade fish” premium quality Raise a safe farming system without residue and friendly to the environment.

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF launches Jade Perch, a premium product with delicious taste and high nutritional value. Helps nourish nerve cells and skin fed with modern technology production process that meets international standards. and environmentally friendly Antibiotics were not used throughout parenting. To deliver quality, clean, safe food for good health … Read more

Companies in Britain within the FTSE 100 index raise salaries by 6%

The Financial Times conducted a poll wage increases in Britain Last year, coinciding with the cost of living crisis. The survey included companies in the FTSE 100 index that provided an increase in the average salary of their employees by about 6% last year, less than the inflation rate that exceeded 9% in recent months … Read more

The European Central Bank will continue to raise interest rates at a “steady pace”

confirmed The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, said that the monetary institution intends to proceed with raising interest rates “steadily” to combat inflation, which is still too high in the eurozone. “The European Central Bank still has to raise interest rates significantly and at a steady pace to reach sufficiently restrictive levels” … Read more