Critical Condition, Shipper of Junk in Sidoarjo Allegedly Shot at Close Range

Jakarta – A junkyard skipper in Sidoarjo, East Java (East Java), named Sabar was shot by an unknown person. Patience suffered two gunshot wounds to his body. “It happened last night under the bridge in Tenggulunan, at around 20.00 WIB. As a result of the incident the victim suffered a wound on the left neck … Read more

Bitcoin chart hints at worst-case ending… Options market hints at $20K to $25K range

[뉴욕 = 장도선 특파원] Bitcoin retreated again below $21,000 on the 27th (local time), but several technical indicators suggest that the worst may be over. Bloomberg reported in its analysis today that momentum indicators and options betting suggest a decrease in selling pressure on Bitcoin and a possible $20,000 to $25,000 trading range. Bitcoin traded … Read more

This electric bicycle has a 400 W motor and a range of 100 km. Hundreds of Slovaks have already ordered it!

Summer is definitely here, which is an absolutely ideal time to pull out bicycles and scooters. There are more and more of them in Slovakia, which means that more and more people want to drive comfortably. At present, an electric moped has been given a very attractive discount Niubility B14which hides one surprise after another. … Read more

BMW tests miracle battery with a range of up to 1200 kilometers in the iX

Range anxiety is still one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to switching to an electric car. Diesel drivers in particular have to make major changes. The newer models with large tanks and low consumption manage up to 1200 kilometers with one tankful. Even Tesla drivers can only dream of that. Most electric cars … Read more

How to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal and increase its range? In these ways you will improve the quality of the Internet in your home

Wireless internet at home is almost a standard. First of all, its greatest advantage is its convenient use. However, it is not uncommon for the Wi-Fi signal to be of insufficient quality. Then we are also forced to switch to cellular communication or approach the transmitter. How to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal and increase its … Read more

Arms in Kiev, the new decree is on the way. Long range ones are also on the table

A week, at most a few more days. Then Italy will honor the commitments it has made with its allies, sanctioning the sending of other weapons to Ukraine. In fact, a survey is underway to identify which war material will be contained in a new inter-ministerial decree, the fourth. In the provision – which before … Read more

[뉴스외전 경제 ‘쏙’] “The exchange rate is not at the bottom of the 1,300 won range… The fall in oil prices is due to concerns about economic slowdown”

“A sharp rebound in the domestic stock market. The impact of the influx of buying sentiment in response to the judgment of ‘oversold section’” “Credit transaction balance plummeting… ‘Lack of collateral’ counter-trading volume institutions receive” “Foreigners start buying on the KOSDAQ. Selling is still dominant in the KOSPI” “If a foreigner ‘attacks’ an institution, the … Read more