Discovered the fastest growing black hole and it is rapidly consuming the universe

Ads Scientists claim they’ve found a black hole so big our entire solar system could fit behind its event horizon. And worryingly, the black hole is taking up Earth-sized bites of the universe, according to experts at the Australian National University. Lead researcher Dr. Christopher Onken said the discovery was like finding a “very big, … Read more

Russian artillery instills fear in European countries, which are now rapidly increasing their firepower

Casing of artillery shells in the grass near the Ukrainian village of Ozerno.Image AFP Images of Russia’s ‘super cannon’, the 2S7 Pawn howitzer, show once again the brute force Moscow relies on to win the war in Ukraine. With a deafening noise, a Russian unit fires grenades weighing about 100 kilos at Ukrainian soldiers in … Read more

Consumer prices continue to rise very rapidly in May – Economy, finance

foto; According to the Central Statistical Bureau, in May 2022, compared to April, the consumer price level increased by 4%. It increased by 5% for goods and by 0.7% for services. On average, May is characterized by a very small price increase or a small price decrease. This year’s price increase in May was significantly … Read more

Condominiums increase rapidly in price Villa prices in Lidköping are falling

Published Thursday, 09 June 2022, 09:20 by Björn Smitterberg According to recent information from Swedish Real Estate Statistics, house prices in Lidköping continue to fall, while condominiums continue to rise in price. During the last three months, house prices have fallen by 5.6% and were paid with an average of SEK 26,236 per square meter. … Read more

GeForce RTX 30-series graphics cards are rapidly gaining popularity on Steam

Steam published statistics about their users’ systems for May. The most interesting part of the recent data is that it shows a noticeable increase in users of GeForce RTX 30-series graphics cards. This is not surprising – the shortage is receding, and prices are returning to normal, so gamers are starting to update their systems … Read more

“One soldier leaves – eight after him” – the Russian soldier revealed how rapidly their ranks were becoming thinner

A leaked conversation by a Russian soldier with a likely family member or beloved by the Ukrainian security service reveals that Russian troops are in a hurry to return home to the Russian Federation. “It simply came to our notice then. Because here all the guys leave and yes, they just take and leave, well, … Read more

The price of gasoline continues to rise rapidly, diesel has become cheaper

In a year-on-year comparison, fuels are now significantly more expensive than last year, petrol by about 14 crowns and diesel by 16 crowns. Gasoline was last more expensive in the Czech Republic than diesel at the beginning of March this year, when fuel prices rose to 40 crowns per liter. Around March 10, they rose … Read more

Electric car trade is growing rapidly, but shortage of raw materials is a concern :: Dienas Bizness

The last month of last year in car sales turned out to be better than the same month a year earlier, showing a 3% increase (1141 against 1110), according to data compiled by the Car Association. However, this does not indicate that the situation in the car industry has significantly improved. The increase is rather … Read more

“He quickly became the mascot of the barracks” (photos)

Published on 21/05 at 12:56 Par Laura Salamon The firefighters of the 2/1 platoon of the Liège rescue zone collected a puppy in danger a few days ago. An animal that quickly became their mascot before finally joining the big family of Liège firefighters. ******** * **** *** ******** ** ****** *** ***** ******** ** … Read more

A rental storm is approaching. The offer of flats for rent is rapidly thinning and rents are rising

For several years now, the residential real estate market has been talking about how insufficient supply and high demand are pushing up apartment sales prices. Now the same situation is spilling over into the rental market. For example, in Prague, the offer of vacant flats for rent is the smallest in the last eight years. … Read more