Very rare, experts find brain fossils 310 million years old – Researchers found Archeology Brain horse crab 310 million years. Such fossil findings have not been recorded and discovered. Report from Live knowledge, Friday (30/7/2021), This discovery is surprising as well as good news for understanding the evolution of this crustacean ancestor. In a recent statement in the press Geography 26 July 2021 Online, … Read more

Isabella Ferrari, the very rare disease that attacked her: “I can’t move my legs anymore”

Isabella Ferrari tells of the very rare disease that attacked her: “I can hardly move my legs anymore”. Isabella Ferrari she is undoubtedly one of the most loved and appreciated actresses in the world of Italian cinema. Born in 1964, Isabella after being elected Miss Teenager at 15, begins to approach the world of music, … Read more

Harry Potter: Rare copy sold for £80,000 at auction

29 July 2021 picture released, Reuters/Toby Melville/File Photo A first copy of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” has sold in “exceptional condition” for £80,000 at auction. The book was one of 500 copies in print in its first edition in 1997 and was purchased from a bookshop in Nottingham. On the book’s … Read more

Rare! Picture of a Black Hole Vomiting Plasma Jet

Jakarta – Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration, the team behind the first image black hole the most detailed, re-perpetuating rare events. This time, their telescope observes a black hole as it spews out objects in space, one of which is a jet of plasma. As quoted from Smithsonian Magazine, the research team trained their equipment … Read more

US Tracks 200 People Suspected To Be Infected With Rare Monkey Smallpox

Texas: Over 200 people in 27 states United States of America (USA) tracked for possible disease infection monkey pox which is rare. Disease it affected a Texan man who had just returned from Nigeria earlier this month. The man was taken to hospital in stable condition. It is believed to be the first case of … Read more

Chinese researcher dies of rare monkey B virus disease

PR DEPOK – Researcher China has die after being hit disease rare infectious disease called virus Monkey B. This was conveyed by officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) China. In his studies CDC China which was posted on July 3, identified the man as a veterinary surgeon working at a primate … Read more

Rare natural phenomenon in India caught on video

Photo: frame from video Land rose from under water in India Social network users were shocked by the video of a unique natural phenomenon, when the earth rose from under the water. In India, in the state of Haryana, a unique natural phenomenon occurred – the earth rose right from under the water. It is … Read more

Full moon in Aquarius, “extremely rare” How does it affect each sign of the zodiac?

The full moon of this Friday, July 23, 2021 will be an extraordinary event from an astrological point of view. It occurs in Aquarius, but it will not be the only one, since on August 22 there will be another in the same sign, which is unusual. Plus, it will be the first of two … Read more

Ilham Al-Fadala makes a stir with a rare video, and the audience links it to her marriage crisis

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