In an influential video, Celine Dion announces that she has a very rare disease

International singer Celine Dion announced, on Thursday, that she had a “very rare neurological syndrome” that forced her once again to postpone concerts she was scheduled to perform in Europe as part of her “Carriage World Tour”. The star, who hails from the Canadian province of Quebec, was affected in a video clip she posted … Read more

Watch .. A girl with a rare disease forces her to laugh until she faints • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The story of a Syrian girl with a rare disease that makes her laugh non-stop sparked a great interaction among activists on social media. And the girl appeared in a circulating video clip, where she said that she was expelled from the class 3 times because of her laughter, indicating that she goes … Read more

A rare copy of the Lamborghini LM002 SUV will go on sale on December 10, in Miami

Sotheby’s RM will soon make an auction as rare as it is original. This time, it’s a Lamborghini SUV that will be sold! Lamborghini is best known for its supercar models than its SUVs. Certainly, there is the Urus, the most modern SUV of the Italian brand. But apart from this model, only a few … Read more

Multiple and rare Mohamed Atifi

Discreet and efficient, the actor-director refers to this part of the building that we do not necessarily notice but which acts as a carrier part of the device. Atifi is shrewd and pedagogical, sensitive and uncompromising. He plays without forcing the line, inculcates it by letting the other express himself as he pleases by striving … Read more

Detected tidal disruption phenomenon that occurred 8.5 billion years ago? A rare type that emits a jet | sorae Portal site to space

[▲ An artist’s impression of a black hole tearing apart an approaching star and emitting a relativistic jet (Credit: Carl Knox (OzGrav, ARC Center of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery, Swinburne University of Technology))] of the University of MarylandIgor Andreoniand the University of MinnesotaMichael CoughlinA research team led by has published research results on tidal … Read more

Crohn’s disease, a rare and incurable disease… What if you don’t want to go to the bowel resection?

The number of patients with the rare incurable disease ‘Crohn’s disease’ is increasing significantly. According to the ‘Statistical Yearbook of Rare Diseases in 2020’ recently announced by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 4,621 Crohn’s disease patients were registered as special cases for small and large intestine Crohn’s disease in 2020. This … Read more

Analog TV Broadcast Stops in Boyolali, Residents: Set Top Boxes Don’t Be Rare & Expensive –

SOLOPOS.COM – Residents of Sukabumi, Cepogo, when checking their analog television broadcasts on Saturday (3/12/2022) morning. Analog television broadcasts have stopped and replaced by digital television. (Special), BOYOLALI — Post analog television has stopped at Boyolali Regency since Friday (2/12/2022) midnight. Residents in Boyolali can no longer enjoy analog TV broadcasts. One of the … Read more

Christmas baubles with Nazi symbols are sold on – rare, says expert – NRK Nordland

Goblins. Angels. Colorful balls. All common varieties of Christmas tree decorations. Adolf Hitler and swastikas are not as common, thankfully. But during the Second World War, dozens of Christmas ornament variants with Nazi symbols were produced. The museum in Lofoten has obtained a complete set of Christmas baubles from the Second World War. Photo: Lofoten … Read more

A rare astronomical phenomenon: a massive black hole devouring a star

In an effort to provide a clearer view, a number of multinational astronomers have teamed up to mobilize instruments from all over the world to observe the phenomenon at a variety of wavelengths, from X-rays to radio waves. An analogy of the rare astronomical phenomenon Scientists have succeeded in observing a very rare phenomenon that … Read more