Price of the dollar in Peru today: how is the exchange rate this Saturday, January 22, 2022 | dollar price

check the price of the dollar in Peru today, Saturday, January 22, 2022. The North American currency is located with a price of S / 3.8338, according to the Bloomberg portal. The exchange rate closed the day on Friday, January 21, at S/3,835; according to Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). On the other hand, … Read more

What are the expectations of raising the US interest rate on stocks and the movement of the macro economy?

Thank you for reading, what are the expectations of raising the US interest rate on stocks and the movement of the macro economy? Basrawi News Encyclopedia written by Israa Khalil, that the stock, bond and currency markets await the next meeting of the US Open Market Committee, which is entrusted with setting interest rates on … Read more

Exchange rate: Price of the dollar in Peru during the morning of today, January 21

Today, during the morning of this friday january 21, the dollar It has a price of S / 3,837 at the interbank level. The exchange rate, recorded in yesterday’s exchange session, shows a drop of more than 0.70% in the Peruvian market. Yesterday, the price of dollar it once again reached its lowest level in … Read more

Exchange rate: Dollar falls again to its lowest price in seven months

Today, Thursday, January 20, the dollar closed the exchange session falling to its lowest level in more than seven months. The exchange rate in Peru fell from S/ 3,865 to S / 3,837 at the interbank level, according to information issued by the Central Reserve Bank (BCR). The dollar exchange rate fell 0.70%, with which … Read more

Significantly increased probability of an interest rate increase already this year

In December, the inflation rate according to the CPIF, ie the change from the same month last year, was 4.1%. Underlying inflation measured by the CPIF excluding energy was, however, 1.7%, below the Riksbank’s inflation target of 2%. The Riksbank’s latest announcement was also that the recent rise in inflation is temporary and that the … Read more

coincide?This season, Wu Lei’s 9 games in La Liga have been on the bench and the team’s winning rate is only 22% – yqqlm

Original title: Coincidence? This season, Wu Lei’s 9 games in La Liga, the team’s winning rate is only 22% In the 22nd round of La Liga, Espanyol hosts Real Betis. In this game, Wu Lei sat on the bench again, and did not appear as a substitute for 7 consecutive league rounds. In the end, … Read more

The death rate that will make you think twice while using antibiotics has been announced. We swallowed the pill

A new study published in the medical journal The Lancet has revealed that there is actually an epidemic that no one is even aware of. According to the information reached within the scope of a global project, millions of people have lost their lives due to bacterial infections due to antimicrobial resistance (AMD). The number … Read more

Half-point rate hike in March? By

© Reuters. By Laura Sanchez – Investors are closely watching the stress in the bond market, following a new session of selling in core sovereign bonds due to expectations of a more aggressive Federal Reserve in the . “In the United States, this is the strongest monthly rate hike movement in the 10-year bond … Read more

Viral Bus Parking in Yogyakarta Rp. 350 thousand, Deputy Heroe Asks Perpetrators to Be Legally Processed – A post on social media Facebook containing complaints about the high fares for bus parking in the city of Yogyakarta went viral. In his post, Kasri StoneDakon’s account complained about the tariff for parking buses on Jalan Margo Utomo, Yogyakarta City for 2, which was charged with a fee of IDR 350 thousand. … Read more

Britain records the highest inflation rate in 30 years

The annual inflation rate in Britain in December reached its highest level in three decades, according to official data published on Wednesday, driven by the rise in the prices of clothes, food and furnishings. The annual rate reached 5.4% last month, after recording 5.1% in November, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, … Read more