Significant rate hike: What does that mean for savers and borrowers?

With another key interest rate increase by the ECB by 0.5 to 3.5 percentage points, the prospects for savers have improved further. In return, however, loans are also becoming more expensive, which has a frightening effect on real estate financing in particular. The European Central Bank (ECB) has once again reacted to the persistently high … Read more

Record employment rate in Belgium: are we rejoicing too quickly at this upturn?

Belgium recorded a record employment rate at the end of 2022: 72.3%. And with more than five million people at work, it achieves an unparalleled performance. Cock-a-doodle Doo ? Article reserved for subscribers Political journalist By Pascal Lorent Published on 03/19/2023 at 18:31Reading time: 3 mins Rokay! The Federal Minister of Employment, Pierre-Yves Dermagne (PS), … Read more

Pierre-Yves Dermagne attracts the wrath of the MR after sharing the new employment rate: “It’s self-satisfaction, an extrapolation”

According to him, there is no indication that Belgium will reach an employment rate of 80%. On the contrary, the country will be the European red lantern if a reform of the labor market is not carried out. The employment rate in Belgium reached 72.3% in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to the Statbel … Read more

Gas and electricity, another drop. And Acinque Energia wins the challenge of the cheapest rate

Economy / Como city Saturday 18 March 2023 Rates Arera announces further reductions in bills. The house company at the top nationally on offers with a saving of 107 euros compared to the protected market Electricity and gas bills are heading towards a further decline in the coming months as well. For electricity, Arera expects … Read more

new rate increases and possible stop to loans with the directive on green homes

Sui mortgages you risk a real one collapse of Italian families. With interest rates rising at the behest of Bce in fact, the installments of the payments are going up by hundreds of euros variable rate loanswhile with the European directive on green houses (for now a proposal) according to the ABI there are risks … Read more

“The employment rate of 80% within reach”: the Minister of Employment Pierre-Yves Dermagne attracts the wrath of the opposition and the MR

”It is absurd that Pierre-Yves Dermagne is pleased with the new employment rate figures. The gap with the European Union average has indeed widened since the beginning of the legislature under Vivaldi. Could the minister name a measure he took that seriously contributed to the improvement of the situation?”, exclaimed Stijn Baert, professor of economics … Read more

The employment rate in Belgium climbs by more than 70%: “The goal is within reach”

According to him, the government’s objective of raising this rate to 80% in 2030 is “within reach”. The Minister ensures that there have never been so many people employed in Belgium. In two years, the employment rate rose from 69.9% to 72.3%. Compared to the third quarter of 2022, there is also talk of an … Read more

Russia demographics. Alexei Raksha: The death rate of Russians will start to increase

The war in Ukraine will have serious demographic consequences for Russia, but the data published by the Kremlin will not show this, because they are distorted, Russian demographer Alexei Raksha assesses in an interview with Radio Svaboda. In his opinion, the more serious effect of the war will not be mortality, but a reduction in … Read more

Pension gap between men and women: is the calculation based on the household rate still appropriate?

But is this way of calculating still valid? Doesn’t it make the woman still financially dependent on her husband? In short, is this method of calculation egalitarian? For Pierre Devolder, this is a calculation method that clearly dates from the past but which benefits both members of the couple. “Even if the amount is paid … Read more