Interest Rates Will Keep Rising, Fed Officials Say

Mary Daly said a half percentage point increase could be “absolutely” appropriate in September. A pair of top Federal Reserve officials are signaling that additional interest rate hikes are on the way as the central bank struggles to bring down decades-high inflation. Crypto Billionaire Points FED Out of Recession. San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly … Read more

Contributed to the Rakumachi Real Estate Investment Newspaper, “The Bomb of ‘Rise in Interest Rates’ in Japan’s Mortgage Loans” – Textbook for Bankers

Contributed an article to Rakumachi Real Estate Investment Newspaper titled “Rise in Interest Rates Bombed by Japanese Housing Loans”. Condo prices continue to rise. Tokyo’s apartments are of a standard that ordinary office workers cannot afford. Still, there is no doubt that one of the factors behind the strong sales of housing such as condominiums … Read more

These are the new rates for online motorcycle taxis as of August 2022 – The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) officially raises tariffs online motorcycle taxi (ojol) two wheels in Indonesia. As for the amount of the increase online motorcycle taxi fare this varies by zoning system. The increase in online motorcycle taxi rates is regulated in the Decree of the Minister of Transportation (KM) Number KP 564 … Read more

Online Ojek Rates Rise, Here Are The Details

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ministry of Communications raise tariffs online motorcycle taxi (Ojol). The increase is stated in the Decree of the Minister of Transportation (KM) Number KP 564 of 2022 concerning Guidelines for Calculation of Service Fees for the Use of Motorcycles Used for the Interest of the Community carried out by Application. This … Read more

Electricity rates will record their biggest rise this month

This month the electricity rates in the National Interconnected Electric System (SEIN) will rise again, once again impacting the economy of the families. According to data from OsinergminAs of August 4, electricity prices are rising by 3.38% for industrial and commercial consumers, while for residential users, that is, households, the rate is rising by 2.2%. … Read more

The dilemma of mortgage rates in the age of inflation

In recent months, fixed rates have increased significantly. In June, 10-year maturities were on average above 3%, which caused great nervousness among owners, who fear that rates will soon reach dizzying levels. A decline has since begun. The preferred scenario is for the National Bank to raise its key rate in September by 0.25 point … Read more

Deadlock in the housing market: prices too high for interest rates

De Hypotheker, a chain of mortgage advisers, writes this on the basis of its own data. The decrease is not an expected seasonal effect, because compared to the same month a year earlier, it is even a drop of 32 percent. Less affordable According to the mortgage adviser, the decline is the result of persistently … Read more

Inflation: rising rates in the United States and Europe worry Africa

This is a global trend that is of concern in Africa. Advanced economies are raising their interest rates in an effort to curb inflation. As a result, money is more expensive and African states will have to pay more to borrow on the financial markets. The IMF fears a new debt crisis, but there are … Read more

15 useful bots for Telegram: weather, reminders, exchange rates

Photo: Unsplash 1. Recognition of voice messages SmartSpeech Bot – recognizes annoying voice messages and translates them into text. The bot can even be added to a group to decrypt other members’ messages. Note that decryption of messages is also available using regular Telegram tools, but it is included in a paid subscription. The bot … Read more