An intriguing quote: the enigmatic reaction of Thomas Meunier after the elimination of the Red Devils (photo)

Thomas Meunier is the latest Red Devil to have decided to react, a few days after the elimination of the Red Devils in the World Cup. It was also a real disappointment for our team, who were hoping for a reaction against Croatia to save their heads and secure a place in the round of … Read more

Kubilius said everything about the Government: I know what reaction I will get

In his post on Facebook, the politician emphasized that, according to him, this cabinet of ministers had more external crises and trials than others. “The pandemic; refugees; at the same time riots in refugee camps and near the Seimas; Chinese pressure and blackmail; sanctions for the transit of Belarusian goods through Lithuania; war in Ukraine; … Read more

The reaction of the public at the Harry Styles concert when seeing Juliana from Big Brother

The young woman was dressed and coiffed in her characteristic style and ready to jump to the music in the VIP area of ​​the River Plate Stadium, when some fans began to shout her name and applaud her. “Queen Juliana left GH and went to Harry’s show, the rest will never be able to. they … Read more

Circulating Banners Strongly Rejecting Anies’ Arrival in South Sulawesi, Here’s the Reaction of Volunteers

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Chairman of the National Confederation of Anies Volunteers (KoReAn) Muhammad Ramli Rahim said he received a number of reports from Anies volunteers that there would be demonstrations by certain parties to reject Anies Baswedan and greet South Sulawesi. In fact, he claimed that the banner that will be used also has a … Read more

A Polish victim of Norwegian television. The cameras showed too much. There is a reaction

Izabela Marcisz is one of the greatest Polish hopes for the future of cross-country skiing. He has a world junior championship and several medals of the world championship in junior age. During the Games in Beijing, she achieved the best results among the Polish team, and she did best in the combined run, as she … Read more

He went to a mall in Qatar, a song by Floricienta started playing and his reaction went viral

Qatar became the lodging of thousands of soccer fans. The World Cup brought together people from different places, who, in addition to watching the matches, took the opportunity to learn more about their society and culture. That is why an Argentine did not hesitate to share in TikTok the big surprise he got in a … Read more

CCTV footage reveals the lie of Kodir ART Ferdy Sambo, here’s the reaction of the panel of judges’ disappointment

AYOJAKARTA.COM – Case Freddy Sambo still continues today. Several witnesses have been examined in court, one of which is ART (Household Assistant) Freddy Sambo that is Kodir. During the trial that took place, Kodir asked a few questions. Also shown CCTV installed at home Freddy Sambo as quoted by from YouTube KOMPAS TV on … Read more

“The hall knelt.” He interacted with what Sherif Mounir said at the opening ceremony and Sisi’s reaction

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Social media activists circulated a speech by the Egyptian artist, Sherif Mounir, in front of the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the latter’s reaction to a sentence he said. The video clip came during a speech given by the Egyptian artist during the opening ceremony of the new … Read more

Two Qataris tried dulce de leche for the first time and this was their reaction

Events like the Qatar World Cup 2022 They serve, in addition to the sporting spectacle, for the dissemination of culture and the possibility of carrying out exchanges between different countries. In this case, Argentine fans made two Qataris taste a typical flavor of Argentina and his reaction turned viral. “They made him try the caramel … Read more