VIDEO MATTHEW COVID VIRAL | Reaction of a child when receiving the vaccine

Who Mateo? Many wonder who this little guy is. Well, Mateo is a boy who received the coronavirus vaccine some days ago. His reaction to learning that he would have to get a second dose later has shocked social networks. His mother, who was the one who accompanied him, published a video of the reaction … Read more

The daughter of Maria Shukshina, who turned into a man, spoke about the reaction of her relatives

The 33-year-old eldest daughter of actress Maria Shukshina from her first marriage, Anna Tregubenko, said that her relatives did not approve of the changes that had happened to her. The girl, after graduating from the production department of VGIK, suddenly became interested in bodybuilding. She also began taking appropriate drugs to build muscle mass, which, … Read more

Riot May Remove Chemtech Dragon from League of Legends Due to Fan Reaction | League of Legends

Riot Games has begun gathering feedback on the Chemtech Dragon from League of Legends fans. This was announced by the representative of the studio in the comments on reddit. Players have had mixed reactions to the arrival of the Chemtech Dragon. Many users have criticized the innovation. Gamers note that the bonus is not universal … Read more

North Korea to USA, stronger and more decisive reaction after sanctions – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, 14 JAN – North Korea will have to adopt “a stronger and more decisive reaction” against the US after the US Treasury has passed new sanctions in response to the recent missile launches made by Pyongyang. In a statement released by the official agency KCNA, a spokesman for the foreign ministry said … Read more

Katy Perry posts a sexy photo: the humorous reaction of her companion Orlando Bloom

American singer Katy Perry shared a series of very sexy shots this Thursday evening on her Instagram account, including a photo of her taken from the back topless, wearing black pants. The artist marked the release of his new music video “When I’m Gone” in this way, which aired at halftime during the 2022 College … Read more

US wants to beat Putin with sanctions, this is Russia’s reaction

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin. US senators are drafting legislation to impose sanctions on Putin. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – A group of senators United States of America (US) of the Democratic Party is drafting a law to directly “beat” the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with sanctions. Kremlin immediately reacted by threatening to cut off relations … Read more

I had a bad reaction to the vaccine

The actor Luis Brandoni, 81 years old, was hospitalized last Tuesday in Mar del Plata after registering more than 39 degrees of fever. This Wednesday, his Health He improved and was discharged. When the news spread, many expressed concern and the interpreter called the journalist Juan Etchegoyen to clarify his situation: “They have spread things … Read more

A bold, fiery confession.. Actress Yousra: I longed for my father-in-law on the plane.. I wished to sleep with him even for one night, but his reaction was shocking?

2022/01/12 It’s 11:00 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Egyptian star, Yousra, was known for her boldness in many of her artistic works, statements, and press and television interviews. Which makes it vulnerable to attack and criticism by some media and social media platforms. The star, Yusra, had made bold and exciting confessions a … Read more

Iran Sanctions 52 Americans for Soleimani’s Assassination, This Is America’s Reaction

loading… United States President Joe Biden. The White House reacted to Iran’s move to impose sanctions on 52 Americans over the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani. Photo/REUTERS WASHINGTON – Iran has imposed sanctions on 52 people United States of America (USA), including top Pentagon officials, for murder General Qassem Soleimani year 2020. The White House … Read more

The reaction of Paulo Londra after the statements of his ex-partner

Between Paulo Londra and Rocío Moreno there is no longer a “we”. They have been separated for a long time and are expecting their second daughter. The young woman is eight months pregnant. Despite the fact that their romance was born in high school and seemed to be eternal, the singer and the influencer will … Read more