After the troubles of “Zalgiris” fans in Turkey and Spain – the reaction of the Euroleague

The promising performance of Kaunas “Žalgiris” in this EuroLeague season not only blindly filled the “Žalgiris” arena, but also encouraged tens or even hundreds of fans to follow the students of Kazis Maksvytis to almost every away game. However, the increased flow of Lithuanians did not please all of Kaunas’ rival clubs. Two matches played … Read more

Neymar lost a million euros in online poker, then ironically cried. Fans criticize his reaction

Source: West Bromwich Albion After the national team break, league football is back and there will again be a number of great duels. Shortly after lunch, you can watch Manchester City’s match with Liverpool. The following evening, the battle for the top of the Bundesliga will come when Borussia Dortmund visit Munich. Zbrojovka Brno will … Read more

This is the truth of Hassan Shakoush’s reaction after his first marriage was exposed

The Egyptian artist, Hassan Shakoush, and his wife, Reem Tariq, entered into a verbal altercation during their appearance on a television episode of the “Al-Arafa” program with the Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, against the background of the “Sheikh of fortune-tellers” revealing that Hassan Shakoush was married before Reem. Questions were raised about the truth of … Read more

Watch.. Al-Faraj imitates “Mortada Mansour” and threatens “Sidis” and his angry reaction to the “Sherine and Hussam” crisis

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Today’s episode of the satirical program “Studio 23”, broadcast on mbc1, showed imitation of the artist Khaled Al-Faraj, the personality of the president of the Egyptian club Zamalek, Mortada Mansour. Khaled Al-Faraj appeared during the acting scene, wearing clothes similar to Mortada Mansour’s, and their features looked similar, as he relied on using … Read more

Russian tennis player changes citizenship. Strong reaction from Moscow

On Monday, “L’Equipe” reported that the 54th tennis player in the WTA ranking, Russian Varvara Grachova, changes her citizenship to French. She has been living in Cannes since 2016, she also passed the language test, so she meets all the conditions. The president of the Russian Tennis Federation was asked to comment on this situation. … Read more

“I’m afraid that the mother will arrive…”: Mother of the deceased police officer revealed the sad reaction of her grandchildren

Very affected. This is how the mother of the sergeant showed herself Rita Olivareswho was murdered by a criminal in the middle of a robbery in Quilpué. Maria Luz Rayo talked with the morning Hello, everyonewhere he gave sad details of how they have experienced this process with his family. “She always thought of her … Read more

NBA: Bronny jumped over his brother. LeBron’s reaction is clear

There is no denying that the firstborn son of LeBron James inherited his father’s dynamism and athleticism. On Monday, there was a dunk contest at the McDonald’s All-American event and Bronny James was one of the highlights of the evening. LeBron James Jr He has had a successful final year in high school. He was … Read more

“Seriously, we must deal seriously with those who understand that any talk of backwardness and reaction is a talk about Muslims!”…Saud on Twitter: “Their situation is very difficult.”

The journalist, Ghassan Saud, tweeted: “Seriously, we must deal seriously with those who understand any talk about backwardness and reactionary that it is a talk about Muslims! They have an inferiority complex with fear! Gibran told them that we want to be on the time of the world, Syria, Iran and Iraq, not on the … Read more