An argument in the Dutch and Chelsea is lucky to have him .. Reactions to Ziyech’s goal in Brighton

Ziyech passed 36 balls during the match, where his passing accuracy reached 86.1%, and he had 5 successful tackles against 9 he was unsuccessful with. On the offensive, he scored once, hit the goal, and played 6 successful crosses, and did not create any opportunity. The Moroccan cut the ball from the opposing teams 3 … Read more

READ BACK | Varying reactions to protest openings by catering, no major incidents | Relaxation corona rules

In Arnhem the catering fun was soon over, in Ede and Renkum catering entrepreneurs praised the tolerance of the municipality. There was no great crowds in the inner cities, to the satisfaction of mayor Bruls van Nijmegen. There are concerns at Radboudumc. The relaxations are also not without risk, fears professor Chantal Bleeker-Rovers. We followed … Read more

The saddest match Algeria played, thank God, ended in a draw.. Mahrez’s performance reactions against Sierra Leone

Learn about the most prominent reactions to the performance of the Algerian, Riyad Mahrez, with his country against Sierra Leone in the African Nations Cup. Algerian Riyad Mahrez fought His first match With his country in the new edition of the African Nations Cup against his counterpart Sierra Leone. Mahrez’s participation was somewhat modest compared … Read more

Rosický’s statement about Hložek provoked contradictory reactions. Which player in the league is better according to the public?

Source: AC Sparta Prague At a press conference, the sports director of Sparta Prague, Tomáš Rosický, praised the Letna jewel. According to him, Adam Hložek is the best player in the league. Of course, this statement did not go without various reactions. Who according to the public is better than a 19-year-old talent? At Thursday’s … Read more

Will they give you Moderna as a booster vaccine? These are the probable reactions – El Financiero

The combination of COVID-19 vaccines has been shown to be safe and adverse effects or common reactions are the same for all vaccines, said Dr. Mauricio Rodríguez Álvarez, spokesman for Emergency Attention of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). In interview for The financial, the specialist detailed the common reactions after the application of … Read more

After the Finnish hints about NATO – nervous reactions in Russia: they are already talking about the situation in 1939

Even before Christmas 2021, the Kremlin saw a whole bunch of threats, ultimatums, and other publicly detailed demands, one of which was very clear: NATO cannot expand to the East. And while all attention in this context has been focused on Ukraine, whose Euro-Atlantic ambitions are no secret, as is the skepticism of some Allies … Read more

Telegram 8.4: Big update brings reactions, spoiler protection and controversial translation function – innovations

Over the years Telegram has become one of the most popular messengers. One reason for this – in addition to the currently much discussed public channels – is certainly the range of functions of the program. With a major update there is now a whole range of new features.

Awning launches new REALITY SHOW: Sharp REACTIONS of former farmers!

Already on January 13, the worldwide reality show will start on the screens of TV Markíza and TV Nova Survivor. A total of 24 benefactors are fighting for a fabulous prize of 100,000 euros, including familiar faces. Former participants Farms they did not forgive the notes. Among Slovak celebrities, video maker Daniel Štrauch, karateka Veronika … Read more