Coach André Reinders reacts very briefly to the loss of Tereza Bledé

Former OKTAGON champion Tereza Bledá fulfilled her dream some time ago. That is the first part of it. She was able to get directly into the UFC, where she ranked among the youngest fighters currently offered by the Champions League. The goal was clear, to collect wins and ideally try to break Jon Jones’ record. … Read more

From Marrakech, Gad Elmaleh reacts to the controversy surrounding his film “Rest a little”

Video By Qods Chabaa and Adil Gadrouz on 11/19/2022 at 10:38 am “Rest a little”, the autobiographical feature film by Gad Elmaleh, has been in theaters since November 16, 2022. Even before its release, this film sparked controversy, particularly around Gad Elmaleh’s alleged conversion to Christianity. Present at the Marrakech International Film Festival, the Moroccan … Read more

Insulting Iriana Jokowi appears until Kaesang-Gibran reacts

Jakarta, Insertlive – 1. Photo with Mother and Kim Keon Hee, Kaesang Ready to Report to the Police? Kaesang Pangarep also spoke out when a viral post on Twitter seemed to belittle his mother, Iriana Jokowi. Seeing this, Kaesang Pangarep asked for clarification on the intent of the tweet to the uploader, but unfortunately the … Read more

Anna Wendzikowska talks about her struggle with DEPRESSION and REACTS to indiscriminate comments: “Does it really bother anyone that I SMILE?”

Anna Wendzikowska is active in social media on a daily basis, carefully documenting e.g. next trips abroad or moments spent in the company of children. In recent months, the celebrity has also shared more and more with Instagram followers very personal confessions. In early October, Wendzikowska published a loud entry on the network about the … Read more

Thalía breaks the silence and reacts to the alleged attack on Shakira

A rumor recently emerged on social networks that involved the Mexican singer Thalía and the Colombian artist Shakira. Supposedly Thalía would have criticized Shakira and the attitude she took after her break with Piqué. Netizens quickly viralized the information and speculated on an alleged enmity. Given the constant rumors, Thalía spoke out and clarified the … Read more

After the astonishing number of the flute, the production of “France has an incredible talent” reacts to criticism | TV

The sequence has already become cult. This November 8, in “France has an incredible talent”, a gynecologist made an impression with a rather surprising number. The 40-year-old “artist” offered a performance during which she tried to cover “Frères Jacques”, played on the flute with her private parts. The show made some Internet users laugh, but … Read more

Seafood Norway reacts to Vedum’s statements: – Lack of understanding

Vedum told NTB on Monday that the salmon tax does not apply to processing, which are the parts of the industry where layoffs are now being announced. “Unfortunately, the finance minister shows a lack of understanding of the crucial connections between aquaculture and the coastal industry when he suggests that the proposal to triple the … Read more

Willy Chirino reacts to Joaquín Sabina’s revelation about Cuba and the Revolution

The Cuban thanked the Spanish for supporting the Cuban people at the present time (Photo: Cuban Newspaper collage, Screenshot) The Cuban musician Willy Chirino reacted on his social networks to the revelation of the Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina about Cuba and the Revolution, when he said in an interview that he felt “very angry” with … Read more

Consumer Council, Aviation | The Consumer Council reacts to advance payments: Here are the industries you should watch out for

When you buy something in a shop, you usually get the item you paid for immediately. If you eat at a restaurant, you pay immediately after the meal. But for a number of goods and services, you sometimes have to pay a long time before you get what you want. This means that the company … Read more

“Provocative remarks”. Tehran reacts to Scholz’s words

The Iranian authorities did not like the words of the head of the German government about the violation of human rights. It has to do with violent protests following the death of Mahsa Amini, who was detained in Tehran and taken to a “re-education center” for wearing the hijab improperly. The outrage over Amini’s death … Read more