Doña Margarita lived with the beekeeper, who killed her grandmother and put her parents to death

A friend of her mother saves them from hunger and misery At the age of 18, he managed a homestead and became the economic director of the family newspaper The wife of King Simeon II – Margarita Gomez Acebo, who turned 88 on January 6, had a dramatic childhood. When she was only one year … Read more

Where in Europe do you get the best pension and at what age?

Pension systems in Europe are very different. Where in Europe do you work the longest for a pension and where do pensioners get the best income? Here are some comparisons. “We work in shifts, including at night. It is impossible to work until the age of 64,” says Farid from France. He is a trade … Read more

Energy workers are still fighting the effects of the element. Reader: My house is 15 degrees and food is thawing

Sunday, January 22, is another day when power engineers remove failures caused by heavy wet snowfall. Still several thousand customers in Podkarpacie remain without electricity. There has been no electricity since last Thursday. in Przedmieście Czudecki. We received such a signal from one of the residents of this town, who wrote that it was about … Read more

A rabbit mask and a $1.1 billion gift to the people

After the shocking revelations in Prince Harry’s memoir, Kate Middleton and King Charles reacted in all their style. The Princess of Wales, in her first appearance of the year, visited a kindergarten in Luton and played with children aged between 2 and 5, British newspapers reported. In the touching footage, she even donned a rabbit … Read more

Who raised Gina Lollobrigida’s millions?

Who built the legacy of sex symbol Gina Lollobrigida, who died on Monday at the age of 95. In 2021, there was a court order that the legal guardian who should take care of her assets is her only son – Milko Skofic Jr. Magistrates said the 94-year-old was too vulnerable and a third party … Read more

See footage of the mass fight over a girl in Blagoevgrad (Video)

Three were injured in a mass fight in Blagoevgrad last Thursday. In circulating videos, the participants can be seen chasing and exchanging fists throughout the pedestrian street in the center of the city. The footage shows that the fight is also taking place in front of the shopping center. The fight was over a girl. … Read more

what will happen to 30 year old men?

Russia raises the age of conscription to 30. What exactly does this mean and how will it affect Russians in their 30s? Are their relatives worried? On January 12, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin in principle supports raising the age limit for joining the army to 30. Previously, the head … Read more

Someone puts a watermelon rind on Boyko

He introduced the “Greek” system, dropped it from the game After 4 accidents in the same tree, the drivers of Bulgaria probably come to the conclusion that they must now go around it. Just one more time and that’s it. “Even if we go to the elections,” said Boyko Borisov the other day, “we must … Read more

New book by Elena Ferrante has an editorial choice that confuses the reader

The hand of the Brazilian edition weighs too heavily in at least one moment of “As Margens e o Ditado”, altering information from the original by Elena Ferrante. At a certain point in the book recently launched in Brazil by Intrínseca with a translation by Marcello Lino, the reader is led to believe that Ferrante … Read more

Chef Leo Bianchi operated

Chef Leo Bianchi underwent leg surgery. The intervention went well according to the doctors, but the chef complained that he was in a lot of pain. Chef Leo Bianchi’s operated leg. Photo: Personal Instagram Profile He posted a video from the hospital room on his official Instagram account, showing him on crutches. The operation is … Read more