Nok Air is ready to submit a business rehabilitation plan on May 17.

Nok Air Ready to submit a business rehabilitation plan to the staff Property receivership work on May 17. Mr. Wuttiphum Chulangkul, Chief Executive Officer of AirlinesNok Air Public Company Limited disclosed to the “economic base” that Nok Air willSubmit a business rehabilitation planTo the official receiver on May 17, 64 due to the date of … Read more

Penetrating Indonesian National Team Squad to Dubai, PSS Bomber Ready to Pay Coach Trust, Sleman – Trainer Indonesian National team, Shin Tae-yong has announced a list of 28 players who will be brought to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The squad he has determined is based on the results of the training camp in Jakarta since the beginning of May 2021. Two of the 28 players who entered were … Read more

Gabriel Soto, ready for the stage of his eldest daughter’s first love

Although the girl knew that her parents were there to support her at all times, Gabriel and Geraldine were not together. On how he and his ex are carrying things, the actor said: “Our daughters are the most important thing for us, now we have to encourage them, support them, be there, all the time, … Read more

Vaccine for tourists: Liguria ready. But the second dose on vacation remains a puzzle

Rome, 15 May 2021 – Summer is approaching, the Covid contagion curve it seems to subside and it already is booking boom in Italian tourist resorts. When we are about to leave, there remains a problem to be solved: we will be able to do the second dose of vaccine to tourists in the place … Read more

List of oncological and obese patients to prioritize them in vaccination

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) asked the health providers who send the list of oncology, diabetic and obese patients over 18 for prioritize them in vaccination. The authorities are working on the preparation of the lists received until May 12 and have already begun to distribute the agendas. “The MSP seeks ensure prioritization of … Read more

Nokia G20 3-day battery, ready for sale in Thailand, May 17.

Nokia G20 is ready for sale in Thailand on May 17, this price is just around the corner, starting at only 4,900 million baht, comes with 4 / 128GB of RAM, full of 4 cameras, up to 48 pixels resolution with the concept of Love it. Love it: support all Longer use The battery is … Read more

Chery Car Brand Reportedly Will Return to Indonesia, This One SUV Is Ready To Be Taken Off Chery QQ, one of the car manufacturers from China in Indonesia – Car brand from China, Chery, is rumored to be returning to enliven the Indonesian automotive market. This is known from the Instagram account posting @cherymotorsindonesia, which signals that this Chinese brand will soon return to Indonesia. “Chery committed to presenting state-of-the-art … Read more