From Banco Bpm to Tim, Brothers of Italy ready to stem the French aims

From circles close to the Brothers of Italy, the latest invective that warns against the French appetites in Italian finance arrived on 13 August. To sign it, Guido Crosetto. “While we waste time debating on the blunders of this or that politician – the founder and former president of FdI, who has always been close … Read more

The Taliban are declaring a holiday in Afghanistan to mark the first anniversary of their seizure of power

The Islamist group “Taliban” has declared a holiday in Afghanistan on Monday to mark the first anniversary since the Taliban seized power in Kabul during the chaotic withdrawal of US-led NATO forces from the country. “August 15 is the first anniversary since the victory of the Afghan jihad led by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan … Read more

China is mobilizing on the border with Taiwan. “We are ready to fight”

Below is a transcript of the posted video Narrator: In response to the visit to Taiwan of US House of Representatives announcer Nancy Pelosi, the Chinese mobilized a military Cao Shaoqing, Pilot, Chinese People’s Liberation Army Eastern Command Theater of Action: We are ready to fight at any time. We have the determination and ability … Read more

Cardano (ADA) Price Ready to Rise Higher? — Blockchain Media Indonesia

Cardano (ADA) price has technically shown signs bullish and can be set for big moves after bouncing off support main. While on the other hand, the price of Ether (ETH) strengthened with so much strength from the US$1,670 to US$2,000 region ahead of the Ethereum merge. This has brought a rally for many altcoinincluding Cardano … Read more

36% of the population plan to get vaccinated against Covid-19 in the fall, but 49% do not plan to do so

This fall, 36% of Latvian residents plan to get vaccinated against Covid-19, 49% do not plan to do so, and another 15% have no concrete plans, according to a survey commissioned by “Benu Aptiekas”. Evaluating the data according to the gender of the respondents, it can be seen that more often men plan to get … Read more

Formula 1 | Doohan ready to seize F1 opportunity: ‘It would be hard to refuse’

Jack Doohan, who is a member of the Alpine F1 academy and who is currently playing in the Formula 2 championship, says he is ready to start in the premier class if ever an opportunity presents itself to him. Son of five-time MotoGP world champion Michael Doohan, the 19-year-old driver is currently 9th in the … Read more

A large-scale DDoS attack is underway against the resources of the Saeima

ret Saeima’s resources are currently being subjected to a large-scale denial of access or DDoS attack by cyber-activists supporting Russian aggression, the information technology (IT) security incident prevention institutions told LETA” representative Madara Krutova. Thanks to the technology company SIA “Tet” and previously prepared protection solutions, the work of the Saeima has not been … Read more

ALL NEW TOYOTA YARIS ATIV launches for the first time in the world Ready to launch the newest Presenter BamBam GOT7

Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. launches the latest compact sedan under the philosophy “People beloved car” or “everyone’s favorite car” along with a sales package that will make the owner ALL NEW. YARIS ATIV GETS MORE THAN A CAR with the best experience This makes customers gain value, convenience and the highest satisfaction in ownership. … Read more

FC Bruges ready to splurge for Berge

Standard had paid “temporarily” 11.7 million for Vanheusden (a resale clause was provided), Anderlecht, 9.7 million for Stanciu and already the Club, 9 for Sowah. If the sum is impressive, it does not surprise, in fact, anyone. First, because the Blauw en Zwart have already collected more than 60 million, thanks to the departures of … Read more