Weather: Alert and get ready! On Monday the sixth winter storm of the season will be activated

Mexico.- This afternoon in your notice of weather forecast extended to four days, he National Metereological Service He warned that next Monday, January 18, the s6th winter storm of the season. This system will initially impact the northwest of the country and will cause heavy rains and intense winds over said region and the north … Read more

Handball – World Cup in Egypt – Tonight (8:30 p.m.), Tunisia –Poland: Ready for the fight

And then came the serious things, that is to say that, from this evening (8:30 p.m.), we will go from the situation of neither war nor peace to the situation of combat. And, for entry, here is Poland like a bone to be handled, like an enigma to be elucidated. Polish ? Well, this is … Read more

Wamkele Mene – Zlecaf: “We will start with the countries that are ready”

It is a market of 1.2 billion consumers and powerful $ 3.4 billion whose foundations have been laid following the official implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (Zlecaf) on January 1, 2021. The largest commercial space in the world in terms of number of participating countries. At a time when the effectiveness for … Read more

Rams ready to leave the California sun and play the Packers in cold Green Bay weather

The Los Angeles Rams will leave the California sun to travel to cold, snowy Green Bay to face the Packers in the NFC Divisional Round on Saturday. Winter in the city of Los Angeles means training in the sun in a temperate climate and for some even hot that is around 25 degrees Celsius, while … Read more

here are plans B and C which are ready in the event of a sudden increase in the number of contaminations due to variants

Posted on Friday January 15, 2021 at 11:53 am If there is no reason to panic now, the experts are ready and have already presented their plans to the country’s authorities. The new variants of the coronavirus which are gradually spreading within the Belgian population worry experts and authorities. If this is not reflected in … Read more

Montpellier footballers ready to financially help the club

No sooner had the players’ union launched an appeal to professional Ligue 1 footballers on Tuesday evening to start negotiations with the clubs to reduce their salaries, than the striker’s Twitter account Andy Delort drew, in response to a message from an Internet user who challenged him on the subject: “I have no problem helping … Read more

Philippe Myers and Sean Couturier ready for a new season with the Flyers

The two New Brunswickers give the team an Acadian flavor. Sean Couturier is entering his 10th season in the National Hockey League. Photo: The Canadian Press / Frank Gunn Sean Couturier, who grew up in Bathurst, is happy to be back in action. He is confident the Flyers are on the right track. I love … Read more

an evolving role. Ready to go beyond marketing?

In full digital transformation, Marketing has evolved and transformed more than any other business area. Faced with the constant changes in the market and consumer behavior, accentuated by the global pandemic, companies are facing increasingly diverse objectives and must expand the roles oriented to marketing and its greatest exponent, the CMO. Today, CMOs need focus … Read more

EDF: against the Hercules project, the unions ready for trench warfare

Offer the reading of this article to a loved one: “EDF: against the Hercules project, the unions ready for trench warfare” The article will be available for your beneficiary to read during the 72 hours following the sending of this form, by clicking on the link received by e-mail. This service is reserved for subscribers. … Read more

The ‘Riverdale’ actress who is ready to give birth to her baby

This ‘Riverdale’ actress will go into labor at any moment, she is already in the hospital to receive her baby! The fifth season of ‘Riverdale’ is about to premiere on The CW and the main actors are more than ready to continue playing their incredible but complicated characters. The new chapters will be loaded with … Read more