His queen and her prince | Middle east

Sorry for some replays, minor event. I saw Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, once, and I met him again. In the first, in 1964. I was covering Independence Day in Nairobi. The Kenyan capital was filled with the colors of tribes from across the country. Thousands of people dance, sing and jingle in the squares. … Read more

lots of rain and snow on the mountains- Corriere.it

Lintense disturbance today has caused a return to an atmosphere that is much more autumnal than spring in all the northern regions: in Liguria, above all, experienced by the intense rains that have already fallen yesterday, but also in Lombardy and in much of the Northeast worst in Tuscany. The weather is better on the … Read more

Approaching to one billion pounds … The 10 most expensive palaces were bought and sold in Al

I wrote – Hind Khalifa Some celebrities take from real estate as an investment for them in addition to their proficiency in their fields, whether it is art or other fields, in order to achieve wealth from them, especially since they live in homes or palaces estimated at millions of dollars, to live in them … Read more

Eurostat: House price growth in Latvia in the fourth quarter was lower than in the EU and the euro area on average – Sectors – Financenet

The fastest year-on-year rise in house prices was recorded in Luxembourg (+ 16.7%), Denmark (+ 9.8%) and Lithuania (+ 9.4%). In Estonia, house prices have increased by 4.8% during this period. Overall, house prices have risen in the fourth quarter on an annual basis in all EU Member States for which data are available. In … Read more

Discovering “Cursed Residences” on CASA this fall

Would you be willing to move into a house where a sordid crime took place, associated with disaster, supposedly haunted, or resting on a cemetery? Some people have had this courage, as we will be able to see it thanks to “Résidences maudites”, a new documentary series which will be found in the programming of … Read more

Peaceful Easter Monday almost throughout Italy. From tomorrow instability everywhere – Corriere.it

Stable weather in the North and Center, rain in the South. For a large part of the country it will be an Easter Monday with a truce on the meteorological front even if partially threatened by insidious storms over some corners of the South. From Tuesday, however, instability is expected on the entire Peninsula. With … Read more

Novo Banco drops Amoreiras and moves to Taguspark – Banca & Finanças

Novo Banco gave up on the project to build a new headquarters next to Amoreiras, in Lisbon, due to difficulties in obtaining the license. It was planned to occupy a land that already belonged to the financial institution and that extends for more than 130 thousand square meters. The alternative is a move to Taguspark, … Read more

Real estate project on the coastal edge of Maitencillo

The Inmobiliaria Costa Centro SpA, represented by Roberto Hartley, seeks to build a new housing project in the spa of Maitencillo. The work corresponds to the construction of a 17-story tiered residential building that will consist of an equal number of independent apartments. With an investment of US $ 8.3 million, the work would be … Read more

“History bows out of respect for Egypt” … Magda Al-Roumi from the Qasr al-Dome ceremony

The Lebanese singer Magda Al-Roumi performed the first concerts in the archaeological palace of the Dome garden, after its use was restricted for decades to official events and receiving Egypt’s top guests, according to Reuters news agency.Egypt intends to convert the palace, which was built between 1867 and 1872 during the reign of Khedive Ismail, … Read more

thunderstorms with local hailstorms. Bad weather is back – Corriere.it

After today’s stable and exceptionally hot phase over Italy thanks to the North African anticyclone (and in Europe red alert for the hottest March in history), with temperatures up to 10-11 degrees above the norm in the north and in Tuscany and generalized good weather everywhere, the turning point around the corner. As early as … Read more