danger of the dollar jumping, with an increasingly weakened Guzmán

The rise in inflation in December, which was 3.8 percent monthly, marks a change from November’s low inflation of 2.5%. Therefore, If the BCRA increases the official exchange rate by only 1.8% per month, as happened in December, it may continue to fall short. Of the last 50 months, in 30 retail prices rose 3% … Read more

25 years after the premiere, how much is the check that the “Titanic boy” collects every month

25 years after the premiere, how much is the check that the “Titanic boy” collects every month Reece Thompson shared the screen with stars like Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet and every month he receives a payment for that work For iProfesional 14/01/2022 – 08.11 a.m. Reece Thompson participated in Titanic when he was … Read more

Cars that stop, park and talk in Argentina: prices

More and more systems are at the service of drivers to make the trip safer. Advances from Ford, Peugeot, Citroën, Toyota and more Safety and assistants for semi-autonomous driving became key issues for automakers and, little by little, this type of equipment was leaving the “halo of exclusivity of premium brands”, to become part of … Read more

Why does Xu Fengnian not want to take over Beiliang, Xu Fengnian dissolves Beiliang and is not an emperor?

Time: 2022-01-12 16:58:59source: Guided readingThe reason why Xu Fengnian, the swordsman in the snow, didn’t want to take over the two kings of Beiliang, Xu Fengnian and Xu Xiao, was completely different.Xu Xiao climbed to this position step by step from the most ordinary soldier. Why does Xu Fengnian not want to take over Beiliang? … Read more

agents gain ground on agencies

Their networks attract investors. After IAD and Safti in 2021, Private-Ownership is raising 100 million euros. The wind of madness blowing on home sales does not only benefit real estate agencies. The networks of agents (independent commercial agents) without a physical store are constantly stealing market share. These players did not weigh almost nothing ten … Read more

Asus announces 17-inch computer with folding screen

Comes with a slim wireless keyboard and touchpad that sits over the bottom half of the screen for a more conventional laptop design Asus It came behind Samsung and Lenovo with a new laptop form factor: a notebook that is essentially a giant, foldable OLED panel, but is betting on outperforming its rivals by making … Read more

Traffic jams in Elon Musk’s anti-traffic tunnels

The anti-traffic tunnels of the founder of Tesla did not convince at the high-tech show in Las Vegas. To relieve traffic congestion, Elon Musk had the idea, in 2017, to dig tunnels that motorists could take from the public highway (see the video below). Five years later, the solution designed by The Boring Company, created … Read more

Index – Domestic – The National Trustee has sold another monument

It is not yet known who owned one of the jewels of Szeged, a listed European hotel in Klauzál Square, which was sold by the Hungarian National Property Manager. auction. The fact that the building, which currently functions as an office building, is still being auctioned szegeder.hu wrote it last November, and it was already … Read more

Bruno Fernandez…from a Ballon d’Or star to a player who has lost his luster

The Portuguese player was one of the few bright spots at Manchester United in the darkest and most difficult times On these days every year, with the beginning of a new year, it is customary to talk about hopes for the future and lessons learned from the past 12 months. But there are no actual … Read more

Home in Naples, smartworking changes needs: it’s time to invest in brick, falling prices in Mergellina and Toledo

New year, new house. Because for those with liquidity it is time to invest. Because the more accessible mortgages have helped to support the market and have also given the impetus to many young people. And because, above all, the pandemic has profoundly changed our relationship with interior spaces: we live (and work) increasingly within … Read more