Commercial real estate prices are a risk for banks and bond investors

(Photo: Getty Images | d3sign) SINGAPORE – Commercial real estate prices have fallen this year as people have stopped entering offices and retail businesses have been disrupted. This could result in significant losses for banks, according to a recent report. In previous downturns, losses on commercial real estate loans were ‘heavy’ and there are worrying … Read more

The threat of melting glaciers is real, scientists show in new study

Imagine New York, Tokyo, London and Hamburg flooded by the sea at a height of twenty feet. According to simulations conducted by the Potsdam Climate Research Institute, the University of Potsdam, and Columbia University in New York, these cities and many others will be severely affected by future sea level rise. “What we are losing … Read more

A ‘mute’ Classic and Real, historic Ajax, falls James Rodríguez

Lorenzo Martinez Madrid, Oct 25 (EFE) .- An unprecedented vision of the Spanish Classic without an audience, with a home victory for a Real Madrid in crisis, the historic win by Ajax Amsterdam, which endorsed Venlo a 0-13 at home, the first Everton’s league defeat by Colombian James Rodríguez, and the goals of Bayern Munich … Read more

After his controversial performance, the referee of the classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid made an unusual mistake on the match sheet

Juan Martinez Munuera was at the center of criticism (Reuters)The criminal designated by Juan Martinez Munuera that began to decant the classic of Saturday between Barcelona and the Real Madrid It has been the subject of debate in Spain and from the local team, which fell 3 to 1, there has been a strong anger … Read more

The meme is real! Snoop Dogg shows us his refrigerator in the form of Xbox Series X – Gamez

From the first moment the Xbox Series X design was unveiled, more than one person mentioned that the new console bore a strong resemblance to a refrigerator. This joke has reached such a degree that even Xbox has made a couple of memes on this subject. Now, what started as a simple grace, has come … Read more

They consider that Spain granted illegal aid to Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic and Osasuna

The General Counsel agrees with the European Commission and considers that Spain granted illegal aid to four Spanish clubs The general counsel of the Court of Justice of the European Union has agreed with Brussels and considers that ESpaña granted illegal aid to Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Athletic Club de Bilbao and Club Atlético Osasuna. … Read more

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Summary and Full Game

By replay matches At October 24, 2020 0 SEE Barcelona vs Real Madrid ONLINE SUMMARY AND GOALS Barcelona vs Real Madrid Summary and Full Game Extended SummarySummaryFirst halfSecond half DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: This content is not hosted by us. Sometimes this content may include advertisements. FullMatch24 does not host or upload this material and is … Read more

Barcelona’s streak against Real Madrid that IS PENALTY

BARCELONA, Spain.- Real Madrid gave a coup of authority at Camp Nou beating FC Barcelona 3-1 and improving their record when they visit Barcelona. THE RIVALRY ONLY ON THE COURT! ⚪ @Sergio Ramos Y #Messi Making it clear that it is just a soccer game.#The classic – Telemundo Deportes (@TelemundoSports) October 24, 2020 The … Read more