Real Madrid news: Dortmund selects Haaland’s replacement from Real Madrid

Haaland – Borussia Dortmund – German Bundesliga Sport 360 – start a club Borussia Dortmund Planning for the future after Erling Haaland, as the Lions of Westphalia consider the Norwegian’s departure a certainty, according to OK Diary The German club is thinking of Luka Jovic as a striker real Madrid current as a substitute for … Read more

Griselda: Sofia Vergara will be the queen of Colombian drugs – All the Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal today: sport, Senegalese politics, people and miscellaneous facts in Senegal

Technology > Griselda: Sofia Vergara will be Colombia’s drug queen Through, published on January 21, 2022 at 3:42 PM. The true story of Griselda Blanco from the creator of Narcos. Created by Eric Newman (narcs, Narcos: Mexico) and directed by Andrés Baiz, with Ingrid Escajeda as showrunner, this new mini-series of six 50-minute episodes … Read more

Engine failure and big fright on a flight departing from Beijing – All the Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal today: sport, Senegalese politics, people and miscellaneous facts in Senegal

News > Engine failure and big scare on a flight from Beijing Through, published on January 21, 2022 at 11:14 am. News An Airbus A330 aircraft suffered “suspected engine failure” on Thursday during a domestic flight in China, but landed safely at its destination airport, local carrier Sichuan Airlines said. The carrier did not … Read more

Begins to be revealed, is this the real reason Kim Jong Un is getting thinner?

Jakarta – The latest appearance of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, is again attracting attention. The reason, Kim Jong Un now looks much thinner than before. A North Korea observer Sojin Lim revealed why Kim Jong Un looks thinner. He considered that Kim Jong Un could not get his favorite food intake due to … Read more

The Signals of Nature Ahead of the Doomsday that Rasulullah SAW Says Are Becoming Real

loading… Nature has given a sign that the earth is very old. What does it say Prophet Muhammad SAW about you-signs of the apocalypse related natural phenomena are getting real. Read too: Doomsday Clock Resets, Earth Is 100 Seconds On The Edge Of Destruction The latest news says that the Sahara region is beginning to … Read more

‘Pandemic brain’ is real: These are symptoms of changes in the brain

Neuroinflammation is associated with mood disorders such as depression. Fatigue, brain fog and other psychological phenomena are also possible symptoms. Symptoms Harvard Medical School studied the brains of healthy, non-infected individuals before (57 people) and after (15 people) the lockdown in Massachusetts. Their ages have not been disclosed. To begin with, the team issued a … Read more

Landsberg on Russia’s plans: Everything seems to be ready for a real attack

“The situation is really dangerous, we have been talking since the beginning of the crisis, when it is announced that Russia has such plans, that Russia will form what is called a ‘convincing danger’.” In other words, that NATO, partners, itself Ukraine and other states would have no doubt that an attack is possible. I … Read more

Real Madrid news: A new weapon from Paris to kill Real Madrid’s dream in Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe – Paris Saint-Germain – Ligue 1 Sport 360 – French club Paris Saint-Germain believes that it can obtain a new weapon that will enhance its ability to kill the dream of its Spanish counterpart, real Madrid, To win the signature of French star Kylian Mbappe, at the end of the current season. looking … Read more

Man United refuses to renew Pogba’s contract and the player is on his way to Real Madrid

Press reports revealed that the Frenchman, Paul Pogba, the playmaker of the Manchester United team, is close to moving to Real Madrid for free next summer. The Frenchman, Paul Pogba, has a contract with Manchester United that ends in June 2022, and the Red Devils administration has not made any offer to renew the 28-year-old’s … Read more

Snapchat limits the recommendation of friends on teenage accounts – All Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal today: sport, Senegalese politics, people and miscellaneous facts in Senegal

Technology > Snapchat limits friend recommendation on teen accounts Through, published on January 20, 2022 at 08:42. Technology Snapchat changes its “Quick Add” feature. Referral from friends is now limited for teens. Snapchat decided to make some changes to its friend recommendation feature after constant requests to improve overall security on the app. The … Read more