Real estate market at risk of having its worst year since the troika

It is still too early to draw solid conclusions, but several sector analysts contacted by Expresso point to a “cooling climate” and to a trend that may not even be a fall, but a stabilization in real estate. Economist Pedro Brinca, a university professor at the Nova School of Business and Economics, warns that “an … Read more

Kambala poses for a real wedding – not in a tracksuit, but in a velvet suit

A year and a half after the marriage registration, Kaspars and Olga Kambalas are poised before God for a real wedding in the registry office. As part of the reality show “Celebrities. No filter”, Kambala once again “proposed” to her beloved, and both plan to have a real marriage with a pastor and decent clothes. … Read more

Modders Mods bring real trombones to play Trombone Champ.

The current is enough. For the hilarious trombone game Trombone Champ After being modded to make this game playable in VR, people are now actually modding a trombone to play with. This modder was no one else. Regulars in picking things around to mod them to play games like Rudeism. Rudeism used to play some … Read more

[Video Game Crazy]616 episodes of PSVR2 real machine play “Evil Castle 8: Village”, “Wild Heart” and other game information

Bahamut Game Madness this week introduces the TV animation “SQUARE ENIX” adapted from the popular SQUARE ENIX video gameNier: Automata Ver1.1a“Scheduled to be broadcast in January 2023; PSVR2’s first real machine trial “Evil Castle 8: Village》VR version experience, EA × KOEI TECMO’s new hunting game 《》wild heart Wild Hearts》、《Powerrunner Traitor: Edgewalker“After the broadcast, “Electric Driver … Read more

Real estate Bologna, two thousand houses bought: it is the city where the market is growing the most

BOLOGNA Bologna is the city that between April and June registered the greatest increase in the sale of houses between the big cities compared to last year. According to the latest data from the Revenue Agency, the contracts signed in the second quarter of 2022 in fact grew by 11.8%, touching the 2 thousand houses … Read more

Signals in Sweden portend problems for European real estate

SBB, better known as Samhallsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB, has become Europe’s second largest free float. short stocked), reaching 35 percent, quoted in a falling stock market. The scenario is based on fears that SBB accumulated too much debt during the boom years to build a portfolio of around 2,500 properties in the Northern European region. … Read more

COVID VACCINE: 3rd dose, what real additional protection?

While several studies have already associated the 3rd dose or booster with a reduced risk of a severe form of COVID-19 compared to no vaccination, the additional protection provided by the booster remains unclear. This case-control study, which compared the results of participants who received 2 and 3 doses of mRNA vaccine and who were … Read more

Christophe Galtier targeted by accusations: “If I explain the real reasons, he no longer fits in a locker room in France and Europe”

The love story between Christophe Galtier and Nice only lasted a year. The fifth place obtained by the French technician and his career in the Coupe de France punctuated by a final failed to alter the disenchantment between the current PSG coach and his former manager Julien Fournier. The former sports director of Nice, yet … Read more