Wife change: The surrogate husband gets drunk the first day!

In Wednesday’s Exchange, you will meet Maria (39), Lukáš (28) and Karolína (12), who live in a family house. Gradually, more and more problems appear in their household. A disobedient daughter does not do homework and does not want to go to school and does not respect her stepfather because he is drunk in one … Read more

Poncho De Nigris ANNOUNCES the arrival of his reality show on TELEVISION

Poncho From Nigris can’t get enough of emotion, this because he has achieved a new achievement in his artistic career. It was announced that the Monterrey model announced that very soon the viewers of Saltillo, Coahuila, they can enjoy their reality show “Keeping Up with the De Nigris”, which airs on YouTube. Own Poncho From … Read more

Meet the unusual list of celebrities from “The strong house 2”

The first edition of The strong house It was one of the great entertainments of the summer season, reaping very good rating points. Therefore, the producers have decided to launch the second part of the Mediaset program to be presented by Jorge Javier Vzquez and Sandra Barneda. Popular journalists will be in charge of presenting … Read more

Temptation, Manila Nazzaro: “It’s the right time to have a baby”

Per Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso is a golden moment: after participating in Temptation Island, the two are increasingly aware of their love, and on social media they appear happy, accomplices and very much in love. For the couple most loved by viewers, the journey into feelings within the village it was fundamental for their … Read more

“He kept hitting me until I fell”

Posted on Friday, August 14, 2020 at 8:03 p.m. Earlier this week, the young woman told on social networks that she was hit by a man who did not want to leave his apartment after a night out. Yasmine Pierards, a young 23-year-old Belgian, known in the north of the country for having participated in … Read more

Temptation Island, the choice of Antonella Elia and Pietro delle Piane

Antonella Elia e Pietro Delle Piane make a radical choice after the end of Temptation Island. The two have in fact decided to momentarily leave social networks, opting for silence. While almost all the protagonists of the reality show conducted by Filippo Bisciglia commented on the adventure on Instagram, Antonella and Pietro they go against … Read more

Temptation, on Instagram the first sweet shots of Lorenzo and Manila

Lorenzo Amoruso and Manila Nazzaro published the first, very sweet, shots on Instagram after their participation in Temptation Island. The most loved couple of the program, after the end of the eighth edition, shared two selfies on social media, a close-up of the smiling couple and one where they exchange kisses on the lips. Be … Read more

Temptation, Elijah is adamant: bitter ending for Pietro. Andrea forgives Anna

Final bet for Temptation Island, which again this year, under the guidance of Filippo Bisciglia, it gave emotions and twists. Among the couples who reached the end of the course: Antonella and Pietro, Manila and Lorenzo and Anna and Andrea. In the 21 days that remained separate, they were able to observe and listen to … Read more

Temptation, disappointment coming for Nazzaro: Lorenzo takes revenge. The advances

Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso are one of the two VIP couples who are testing their feelings a Temptation Island. The two have been engaged for three years and have decided to participate in the program to eliminate any doubts before taking important steps such as cohabitation or marriage. Something, however, in their path, has … Read more

Temptation, point of no return for Antonella Elia: kiss between Pietro and a temptress

Temptation Island has now entered the heart. Between anger, fears and sudden passions, the adventure of the couples led by Filippo Bisciglia continues. And the fourth episode of the program does not disappoint expectations and does not spare twists. While two couples have already left the program, the other couples are still struggling with the … Read more