Xbox wants to collaborate with Elon Musk to create a real-life Halo Warthog

How much do you think a vehicle like this from Halo would cost in real life? Much? Tesla, the brand of Elon Musk, is a leader in futuristic vehicle vehicle creation and the manager has shown on several occasions that he is not afraid of becoming too much “rare” in the designs of tomorrow. For … Read more

10 Pokémon and their real-life animal counterparts

There are over 800 collectible monsters in the universePokémon – created and released over the years from 1996 onward – most of which are inspired in one way or another by animals, plants, and objects that exist in the real world. Pikachu, the brand’s synonymous Pokémon, for example, is a rodent-like creature that has Thor-style … Read more