Rebelde actor gets engaged to his girlfriend

Through his official Instagram account Rodrigo take, whom we remember for the famous character “Nico” in the hit telenovela de ‘Rebel‘revealed that compromised with his girlfriend Denise Thuss on February 14. The 38-year-old actor revealed some details of the emotional moment. “I always thought that February 14 was a normal day, today begins the promise … Read more

Image reveals the shocking transformation of actress Rebel Wilson after losing 30 kilos | TV and Show

Throughout 2020 the Australian actress Rebel Wilson She worked on herself and her health, managing to lose more than 30 kilos. Although he has been reporting the entire process and sharing his progress on social networks, a recent image showed how impressive his transformation has been. With a change in habits that included exercising with … Read more

Modena, rebel gym: seven fines and remains open

GimFive in via Porpora ignores the Dpcm with anti Covid measures. One of the perpetrators, under investigation for resistance, on the internet offends the local police. 31 clineti were also sanctioned for violations Giovanni Balugani February 13, 2021 MODENA. There is a gym in Modena that continues to keep its business open, ignoring the anti-Covid … Read more

airport saudi arabia: Houthi drone strike; Passenger plane catches fire in Saudi Arabia – passenger plane catches fire during houthi rebel attack on airport saudi arabia

A passenger plane has caught fire at the Abha airport in the Saudi city of Azir after a drone strike by Yemeni rebels. Preliminary reports said there were no casualties or injuries in the incident. The Arab military says the plane’s fire has been brought under control. The attack took place on Wednesday afternoon. The … Read more

Yemeni rebel drones hit Saudi Arabian plane on fire / Day

“Hutu militias carry out a cowardly attack on Abkhaz International Airport in Saudi Arabia,” the state TV channel reported Al-Ekhbariyareferring to the Saudi coalition fighting the rebels in Yemen. “The flames that took over the passenger plane as a result of the Hutu attack were under control.” The coalition did not specify how the attack … Read more

Meghan Markle! Rebel Wilson surprises with her elegant style

¡Rebel Wilson is following the steps of Meghan Markle in regards to their fashion and style choices! The 40-year-old Australian actress and comedian attended several of the NFL-hosted events over the weekend, donning a stunning (and familiar to fans of the British royal family) gown for the special occasion. Wilson wowed in a cherry red … Read more

Rebel Wilson wears Meghan Markle’s long red cape dress

There are dresses that mark a before and after and remain etched in our memory forever. Some are for making a name for themselves, like Lady Di’s revenge dress. Others are for his role in a historical event, such as the pink Chanel suit that Jackie Kennedy wore the day her husband was killed and … Read more

El mítico Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse llegará a Xbox Series X|S y Xbox One

As listed in the Microsoft Store. In the Microsoft Store A new listing of the title of Original Xbox from 2005 Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Press (which we reviewed a few months ago here on Xbox Community), a third-person action adventure that is supposed to hit Xbox One and Xbox Series X … Read more

Rebel Wilson confirms end of relationship with Jacob Busch | NOW

Rebel Wilson is no longer a couple with Jacob Busch. The Australian actress is up late Instagram know she’s single. “I have a lot on my mind. A single girl on her way to the Super Bowl,” she writes with a photo of herself. The 40-year-old actress confirmed in 2020 that she was in a … Read more

The Sequidas y Rebel actress stars in the new Netflix thriller

It shows that Netflix has a nice and varied list. The film that draws attention on stage is Argentina Suspense Oman. The story follows Police Officer FIFA. He begins to investigate his own boss, who may have murdered a 19-year-old girl. Recommended content: Precious Jewels: The Hidden Netflix Series You Must See The first major … Read more