Watch .. How did the Algerians receive the Moroccan delegation before the Mediterranean Games

The delegation of the Moroccan national team received a wonderful reception upon its arrival in Algeria, in preparation for participating in the activities of the 2022 Mediterranean Games, which will be hosted by the Oran Governorate, and start next Saturday. The reception came with ululations, applause, and the slogans “Hanna and Moroccans are brothers are … Read more

Jumia. Employees choose how they want to work and receive up to 1525 euros per year in subsidies

Giving workers the possibility to choose how they want to perform their functions and granting them subsidies: these are the two policies that are part of the strategy of African technology to attract and retain talent in the technological center of Porto.

Caixa releases R$ 1,000 to 42 million Brazilians: see how to receive it

Recently, Caixa Econômica Federal concluded FGTS withdrawals of up to BRL 1,000, the so-called extraordinary withdrawal. At this moment, Caixa has already released all 12 lots of the benefit, which means that all registered workers can now withdraw the benefit. According to the government, about 42 million people must have withdrawn the amounts. So, to … Read more

J.Wallas has activated a “plus”, according to which he will receive an impressive amount of money

Not playing all last season John Wall activated the contracted “plus” of the player, according to which he will earn as much as 47.4 million next season. USD. The Houston Rockets and basketball player are reportedly looking for a win-win solution this summer. The athlete is likely to be replaced by another team, and the … Read more

The customer who does not receive the offered electricity prices is angry with Ignitis, they say without looking at it Business

At the end of the second phase of electricity market liberalization, which the deadline was postponed by another week to 26 15min the reader Juozas addressed. He complained that he had been misled by Ignitis. “June 14 el. I received an offer in the mail from the state-owned company Ignitis to conclude an independent … Read more

This is the Right Time to Receive the HPV Vaccine to Protect Women’s Reproductive Health – Accept vaccine HPV be one of the very appropriate steps to maintain women’s reproductive health. The HPV vaccine provides protection for body against human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection. When the body is exposed to HPV, it can be at risk of experiencing several types of cancer, if in women it is … Read more

On Friday, Eni will receive 50% of the requested amount of natural gas from Gazprom / Day

Eni says Russia has cut natural gas supplies for the third day in a row. Gazprom justifies these cuts with the necessary repairs, but the European Union believes Russia is punishing Ukraine’s allies for helping Kiev. Italian Prime Minister Mario Dragi is convinced that Russia is using gas supplies as a political weapon.

Eni will receive 50% of its natural gas demand from Gazprom on Friday

Italian oil and gas company “Eni” announced on Friday that the Russian natural gas giant “Gazprom“will receive only 50% of the requested amount of natural gas. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “Eni” indicates that Russia reduced natural gas supplies for the third day in a row. Gazprom justifies these reductions with the necessary … Read more

Spain will receive 11,000 doses of smallpox vaccine at the end of June for immunosuppressed or HIV and health contacts

Spain has already begun to inoculate the first 200 doses of smallpox vaccine to treat monkeypox and to end of the month expect another 5,000which are part of the joint purchase made in the EU for a total of 110,000 sera, of which Spain will correspond “at least”, 11,000, 10%. The Minister of Health, Caroline … Read more

Viral: She goes to the airport to receive a boyfriend she met on the Internet and does not recognize her | News from Mexico

Many people today meet their partners through social networks. There are even multiple apps that help love to arise. However, many times not everything goes well. Just like what happened to a woman who went to the Guadalajara airport to meet her boyfriend who she met on social networks, but he did not recognize her. … Read more