Just Receiving Rp. 91 Billion, Megapolitan Will Revise Sales Target

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – PT Megapolitan Development Tbk (EMDE) opens the possibility to revise targets marketing sales the year 2020. Because until the second quarter, sales achievements marketing only reached Rp. 91 billion of the total target of Rp. 600 billion. Deputy Director of Finance for Megapolitan Development Ouw Desiyanti revealed that the impact of the … Read more

In Latvia, 43% of the population have changed their further actions and decisions after receiving negative comments on the Internet

In Latvia, 43% of the respondents admit that the negative comments received on the Internet about their occupation, hobbies, dress style and beliefs have influenced their further actions and decisions, according to a study of the social campaign of the mobile operator “Tele2” #sekosev. The most negative comments on the Internet influence the decisions and … Read more

The receiving man

The issue that is beginning to arise is that of the effects of the techno-media world on democracy. Now we go beyond mass media power itself, to arrive at the proposal of an eventual incompatibility of democratic values ​​with the universal norms of communication. If man becomes a mere symbolic animal, this political system will … Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers has reduced the list of documents for receiving financial assistance :: Society :: RBC

Photo: gov / VK Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree to reduce the list of documents confirming the right to receive financial assistance. About it reports press service of the government. The report says that from November 1, 2020, it will be easier for low-income families to receive benefits for children from three … Read more

Cancer patients are not receiving their medicines at home | THE UNIVERSAL

In the framework of the fourth Congress for patients with hemato-oncological diagnoses, the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation – Funcolombiana presented the third and last installment of a survey carried out on 761 cancer patients throughout the national territory, with the aim of identifying and Describe the main risks, limitations and difficulties of access to … Read more

Receiving Defects from PDIP, Democrats Say Akhyar Has High Popularity

PDI-P politician Akhyar Nasution defected to the Democratic Party (Source: Doc PR DPD Democratic Party of North Sumatra) JAKARTA, KOMPAS. TV – Akhyar Nasution, PDI-P politicianPDIP) defected to Democratic party. The action was based on a desire to advance in the City Pilwalkot Field. As a result of the action, Acting Chairman of the DPD … Read more

This is the face of Boston Salmon, UFC fighter, after receiving a knee

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Tanaka recounts on video the tense moments she experienced after receiving a blow to the head

The player of the new york yankees, spoke for the first time to the press about everything that happened after the ball hit in the head and his recovery towards the beginning of la MLB. “Everything went so fast that when I realized that the ball was coming towards me, I couldn’t do anything,” said … Read more