Health Unit in Maicao wins recognition at the 2020 Medical Awards

a Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit of Save the Children Colombia en Maicao, La Guajira, received the award for ‘Excellence in Medical Services’ from the 2020 Medical Awards. The team was chosen from more than 60 Save the Children’s medical units and services around the world, which Throughout 2020 they worked to serve those who … Read more

INE: causes for divorce and recognition of paternity fell, but domestic violence grew | Economy

The number of divorce cases entered before courts with family jurisdiction in 2019 -year of the last compendium analyzed- decreased for the first time in three years, reaching 61,425 cases, a total of 2,327 less than in 2018 (-3.7%). Most of them were for common agreement (31,110 causes) and for cessation of coexistence (27,878). These … Read more

Hyun Bin ♥ Son Ye-jin, after acknowledging devotees, appeared with advertisement’Honey Tuk Tuk Tuk’

Actors Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin, who revealed the fact of their dating last month, showed their affectionate appearance through an advertisement. On the 14th, Hyunbin and Son Yejin announced the news that they were co-starring in an advertisement for the Philippines’ largest news agency. After the TVN’Crash Landing of Love’, which ended last February, the … Read more

Splashy Transactions Using Dinar-Dirhams in Depok, This is Trader’s Recognition

VIVA – Muamalah Market, Depok, West Java, which did transaction buying and selling using coin fractions dirham and dinar, into the spotlight of many parties. Regarding this, the traders at the location finally spoke up. Anto, one of the traders met by the media crew, revealed that transactions using dinars and dirhams are not mandatory. … Read more

Artificial Intelligence – Emotional Recognition Market Future Trends, Business Strategies and Opportunities to 2021-2031 || Microsoft, Softbank, Realeyes, INTRAface

The market research data included in the Artificial Intelligence – Emotional Recognition report is the result of significant primary and secondary research activities. The report segments the global Artificial Intelligence – Emotional Recognition market based on manufacturers, product type, applications, and regions. In this report, each segment is studied in depth and the statistics are … Read more

Imminent signing, arrives in Barcelona, ​​passes recognition and strengthens the defense

Movements in the transfer market of the FC Barcelona. And not for the team Ronald Koeman, but with a view to strengthening the subsidiary in a January era marked by the economic crisis that the club is going through. A crisis that forces us to look for players who arrive with the freedom card, as … Read more

The victory of the heavy diplomatic struggle – for the international recognition of Latvia 100 / Article /

One hundred years ago, on January 26, 1921, thanks to the persistent work of Foreign Minister Siegfried Anna Meierovich and other Latvian diplomats, a way was found to recognize Latvia. by right. This path was not easy. “We must use all avenues to secure and nurture Latvia’s happiness.” These words of Latvia’s first Foreign Minister … Read more

Dedication to the 100th anniversary of Latvia ‘s international recognition Press release

Dedication to the centenary of Latvia’s international recognition de jure January 26, 2021. The information was prepared by Una Jansone, Deputy Director of the Association of Cultural Institutions of Riga Municipality in the 13th century. architectural monument of national significance Sv. On the administration of St. Peter’s Church. 100 years ago, on January 26, 1921, … Read more

Reference: Centennial events of Latvia’s international recognition de jure

On Tuesday, January 26, it will be 100 years since Latvia was internationally recognized de jure. The portal “Delfi” has compiled information about the events at which this event will be celebrated. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Greetings from other countries On the morning of the hundredth anniversary of the international recognition of … Read more