KKB Spokesperson’s Recognition of the Attack on TNI Headquarters, Barbaric

Thursday, 30 June 2022 – 04:51 WIB One of the KKB groups in Papua. Photo: doc Ridwan/JPNN.com jpnn.com, JAKARTA – The armed criminal group (KKB) claimed responsibility for the attack on the Kiwirok Ramil Post, Bintang Mountains Regency, Papua, Wednesday (29/6). A soldier TNI Prada Beryl Kholif Al Rohman was killed in the attack. “Responsible … Read more

Declared incapacitated for work with long covid: ‘Feels like recognition’

ANP NOS News•Tuesday, 21:42 Anna Prussia editor economics Anna Prussia editor economics The fact that the UWV benefits agency declared about 450 people with long-term corona complaints unfit for work in the first five months of this year feels like recognition to Marjo de Leeuw. De Leeuw works at C-support, an aid organization that supports … Read more

Elliott Page and the recognition of how he feels like a transgender man after surgery

Elliott Paige has been a transgender man for more than two years, and a few months ago she shared a photo showing how she looks without a shirt after breast surgery. The new photo of Elliott Page as a transgender man The change is remarkable The actor then described the surgery as both “life-changing” and … Read more

Technologies in smartphones that have changed beyond recognition

Hi all! We continue the conversation about why modern smartphones look completely different than they once did. Last week, we recalled those technologies that used to be in any respected representative of the class, and now either disappeared altogether, or remained in a limited range of models and no longer determine the appearance of the … Read more

Microsoft stops controversial facial recognition due to concerns about abuse | NOW

Microsoft will stop using facial recognition technology with which the company says it can guess people’s emotions, among other things. According to Microsoft the artificial intelligence raised questions about privacy protection and the risk of discrimination and other abuses. It concerns facial recognition in the Azure Face service, which Microsoft sells to companies. Not only … Read more

After 27 years of recognition for Dutchbat soldiers: ‘Late, but glad it’s here’

The image immediately went wrong when Dutchbat III returned. International media fell over the formulations of Commander Karremans. He spoke of an “excellently planned attack on Srebrenica” and said that “in this war there is no… good guys and no bad guys” to be. For eleven days the Netherlands had been in suspense as to … Read more

Targeted not only for Lithuania: Russia may consider revoking the recognition of the independence of Estonia and Latvia

“There are a number of reasons why Lithuania should be first on this list. Once the mechanism is in place, we will also be able to use it for other NATO territories. And not just NATO. Ukraine, for example, has also left the Soviet Union illegally, “Fyodorov, a member of the United Russia party, told … Read more

With the popularity of electric cars, traditional cars are also gaining recognition: such models will be of interest to drivers for a long time to come.

It is as if it is universally acknowledged that the future belongs to electrified transport. Another clear message is that new models with internal combustion engines must be as intriguing as electric cars. The French manufacturer’s car finished fourth in the Old Continent election, surpassing half of the electric models that took part in the … Read more

Osasuna launches the facial recognition system for fans!

After last season witnessed a major organizational imbalance in a number of important matches in Europe, most notably what happened in the meeting of Barcelona and its guest Eintracht Frankfurt at the Camp Nou, as part of the Europa League competition, the Spanish club Osasuna announced the success of the experience of applying the “biometric” … Read more

Malaysia Men’s Doubles Recognition: Mental and Difficult Defeat Against Indonesian Representatives

KOMPAS.com – Malaysian badminton players Goh Sze Fei/Nur Izzuddin admit that Indonesia and Japan’s men’s doubles are tough competitors to beat. Especially for the Indonesian men’s doubles, Goh Sze Fei/Nur Izzuddin so far have faced Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto the most. The two pairs have met five times, with Fajar/Rian winning four matches. Goh/Nur’s last … Read more