Which movie does TV and radio personality Egon Reiter recommend to watch this week?

Action fans will appreciate this week’s selection of heroic films. This week, the line-up of the Great Film Festival is completed by director Christopher Nolan’s final film in the trilogy about Batman – “The Dark Knight Rises”, which tells the story of the return of the dark knight to fight for the existence of Gotham, … Read more

Doctors recommend 3 ways to help strengthen bones and reduce the risk of “osteoporosis” in the future.

osteoporosis and thin bone condition is a condition in which the body has bone density and decreased bone quality resulting in decreased bone strength makes it easier to break bones Even a small accident resulting in disability causing the patient to be unable to return to normal life And may cause complications until death According … Read more

what do you recommend with blue record

Although three months is considered short term, in Argentina, with a climate of great volatility, it might seem like a long time. Along these lines, Abel Cuchietti, a public accountant and financial adviser, argues that people who have a investment horizon 3 monthsare usually clients with a conservative profile. “In a short term horizon how … Read more

The expert does not recommend observing the oil change service interval in the car

Many drivers are confused about topping up and changing engine oil. When the oil is often topped up, is it necessary to respect the regular service and change the entire filling. Modern cars love good quality oil, without lubricant they cannot function properly. Drive units could not do that even in the past. It can … Read more

News, Asker | The police: – We recommend that you leave the car

ASKER: Several people have notified the police about difficult driving conditions on Saturday afternoon. – The police receive multiple calls about slippery roads and difficult driving conditions in Asker, Bærum and Oslo municipality, the Oslo police write on Twitter. They simply advise you to leave the car standing if it is not necessary to drive. … Read more

Experts recommend wearing masks in public places to prevent TB

The potential for transmission also appears, one of which is in crowded public transportation such as trains and buses with minimal distances between passengers. Jakarta (ANTARA) – Dimas Dwi Saputro, a pediatrician from Harapan Kita Children and Mother Hospital (RSAB) Jakarta, has suggested using masks in crowded public facilities, such as public transportation, to avoid … Read more

What precautions do the experts recommend taking in the face of the new wave?

Since the end of November, the cases of Covid-19 in Argentina They don’t stop increasing. and so much the massive celebrations throughout the country after winning the World Cup like the gatherings to celebrate Christmas and New Year and even the summer holidays raise a new question: Can these events trigger infections? Ayer, The Ministry … Read more

What parameters does the WHO have to recommend COVID vaccines? – The financial

Mexico City will begin the inoculation against COVID with the Abdala vaccine, produced in Cubawhat It was approved at the end of November by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) for emergency use. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) He has not added the Cuban biologist to his list with ‘go-ahead’. … Read more

Lula’s allies recommend not privatizing Petrobras

Last Thursday (22), the transition team of the president-elect, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), presented the final report indicating that the privatization processes of state-controlled companies may be canceled in 2023. Accordingly, the team indicated the interruption of plans to privatize the following public companies: New Pix rules start to apply next month Petrobras; … Read more