Inflation in the country is at a record high, but your personal one may be lower: how to find out

Rising inflation worries the population. Although the statistics are frightening, it should be understood that this is an average and each resident spends money on different goods and services. We share expert advice on how to calculate your personal inflation. The entire article can only be read by My Money subscribers. <!– o iki 2021 … Read more

Toshiba presents the superconducting electric motor: record power up to 2 MW

The electrification of mobility must necessarily pass from the world of heavy transport, and for this reason many companies are looking for new solutions that can better adapt to a sector that poses specific challenges. Toshiba has just presented a very interesting novelty, which could indeed find applicability in large means of transport, such as … Read more

Wreck hunters found the destroyer Samuel B. Roberts, lying deeper than the Titanic

Depth? 6,895 meters “A manned survey submarine conducted a series of dives during June filming and photographing the damaged hull of the Sammy B,” Caladan Oceanic, a Texas-based undersea technology company, said in a statement. Some additional photos from the Sammy B. The bow, the fallen mast, the gap between fore and aft where she … Read more

Diving: Santoro baby record, silver at 15 – Sport

A masterpiece born of boldness, courage and harmony. Matteo Santoro and Chiara Pellacani, 35 years old in two, continue to write other pages of history for Italtuffi and, after the European title of 2021, they always take an amazing world silver from 3 meters synchro at the Duna Area. An extraordinary match that of the … Read more

A time of despair has come for the Kremlin’s “understanders”: Putin’s banditry has struck so hard that minions in the West have to change the record

Back in the literature, refined aesthetic gourmets enjoyed the spline. In 1857, for example, Charles Baudelaire, the Paris decadent, published the first poems of the Paris Spline in prose. In times of marketing rage as early as the 21st century, unless a categorical freak understands how Ch. Baudelaire “descends into the hell of extremes to … Read more

Unbelievable! The Olympians were attacked just before the race, coughing up blood, yet he won the record

The 23-year-old athlete was attacked at the championship in Caen during a warm-up. “The guy came and asked him if it was really him, Wilfried Happio, and he lunged at him. We’re in shock, “said the athlete’s coach Olivier Vallaeys, who pacified the attacker. Happio received several punches to the face. Despite a laceration in … Read more

Video: British electric car sets new Woodwood ‘Speed ​​Festival’ track record

The Speirling, a single-seater electric vehicle created by the British company McMurtry Automotive, has set a new absolute record at the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival this weekend, beating the current record protector, Volkswagen’s electric racing prototype ID.R. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Goodwood’s “Speed ​​Festival” is a mountain track in private territory, once a … Read more