The following is the distribution of areas where there are additional recovered corona patients

RIAU24.COM – Head of the Provincial Health Office Riau, Mimi Yuliani Nazir said that in Riau there were additional patients who recovered from Covid-19 as many as 95 people on Monday, April 12, 2021. He said, the 95 recovered patients were spread across 9 districts / cities in Riau Province. Pekanbaru City and Indragiri Hulu … Read more

Coronavirus, today in Calabria a boom of 593 new cases but they are all asymptomatic and almost all in Cosenza. Another 6 dead and 440 recovered, the situation in hospitals stable

11 April 2021 16:50 Coronavirus, the bulletin of the Calabria Region of today 11 April Today in Calabria there have been 6 dead, 440 healed e 593 new positive cases to the Coronavirus su 2.595 people subjected to swabs. In the last 24 hours in Calabria the 22,85% of the subjects subjected to tests, a … Read more

After the tragic start, the team of J.Mačiulis, who recovered, was killed by the former tall man of “Dzūkija”

The Athens AEK (15/6) team failed in the Greek championship, away 72:79 (11:30, 20:11, 26:17, 15:21) landed at the Colossus (8/13) club in Rhodes. AEK started just nightmare (10:30), but managed to catch up with their game and already led 50:45 in the third quarter. However, this situation did not last long either. In the … Read more

Came from Germany, recovered in Sivas, came to Sivas from Germany and recovered from Ceren Stone, who had tube stomach surgery at the Republic University Health Services Practice and Research Hospital.

Ceren Taştan, who came to Sivas from Germany and underwent tube stomach surgery at Cumhuriyet University Health Services Application and Research Hospital, recovered. Patients get rid of obesity with tube stomach surgery performed at Sivas Cumhuriyet University Health Services Application and Research Hospital. Sivas Cumhuriyet University Health Services Practice and Research Hospital General Surgery Department … Read more

Nurettin baby with intestinal knotting recovered without surgery in Tekden, pediatric surgeon op. dr. afra karavelioğlu: “the knots are opened with pressure by giving liquid or air” mother sena çınar: “we came because of gas pain, we learned that it was intestinal knotting”

The mother, who took her 10-month-old baby to hospitals in Denizli many times due to abdominal pain, learned that she had intestinal knotting and that surgery would be performed. The mother, who started the researches, applied to Private Denizli Tekden Hospital and her baby recovered without surgery. Sena Çınar, who lives in Denizli, took her … Read more

Debris from SpaceX satellite launch crashes into Washington farm The recovered object belongs to the second stage of the Falcon 9 fuse launched on March 4

Normally, when re-entering the atmosphere, all the unusable parts of a fuse burned above the ocean, but a week ago, a debris of a fuse SpaceX did not suffer the same fate and landed on private Washington property. The Grant County Sherrif’s Office announced that the recovered object is an overwrapped composite pressure vessel, or … Read more

Microsoft Teams and Xbox live longer than 2 hours but have mostly recovered

Several Microsoft services, including Microsoft Teams and Xbox Live, were unavailable for more than two hours on Thursday evening. The company says it has largely recovered. Microsoft Office 365-Statusseite He says there is a “DNS problem affecting many Microsoft 365 and Azure services” and states that the problem has been resolved. Not all services are … Read more

Madeira with 24 new cases and 76 recovered – DNOTICIAS.PT

This Tuesday, April 30, the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) has 24 new cases of infection by SARS-CoV-2. The data revealed by the Regional Health Directorate (DRS) show that only two new infections are imported, namely from Germany, while 22 cases are of local transmission, most of them already associated with positive case contacts. Epidemiological … Read more

An iPhone 11 Pro survives 30 days submerged in a frozen lake before being recovered by its owner

Lately more than one iPhone has been go scuba diving. Fortunately, in all cases we have seen, the phone comes out practically unscathed from fairly deep dives and, above all, long. This is the case of this iPhone 11 Pro, which has spent a month in a lake in Canada before its owner recovered it. … Read more