New rector of the University of Trento: clash over medicine between the two candidates

Yesterday Thursday 18 February 2021 the two candidates for the office of rector of the University of Trento, Flavio Deflorian e Massimiliano Sala, participated in a video conference meeting during which the key points in the future mandate lasting six years starting from April 1st 2021 were explored. According to Deflorian, it should focus on … Read more

Rector of the University of Antwerp not happy with the new campus of KU Leuven in Antwerp: “Collaboration will be difficult”

The plans are not to the liking of the University of Antwerp. “This is something we would never do”, says rector Herman Van Goethem. “We are against the concept of a university that wants to spread throughout Flanders. There is of course freedom of education, so we cannot prevent it. We take note of it … Read more

Medicine in Cosenza: the local associations ask for a meeting with the Rector De Sarro, who does not respond

“The anger of many cultural, political and social associations in the area has not subsided at all following the resolution of the regional council of last February 4 which, going against its own limit of ordinary administration, approved the activation of the degree course single-cycle degree program in Medicine and Surgery Td (Digital Technologies) which … Read more

Getting to Know Vertigo, the Disease that Cause the Death of Rector Paramadina

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Paramadina Rector, Firmanzah, died on Saturday, February 6, 2021 because of this vertigo. This disease is experienced by many people but the dangers are not understood. Can vertigo be the cause of sudden death? According to the FKUI dean, Ari Fahrial Syam, ordinary people often refer to vertigo as dizziness. According to … Read more

Jan Tytgat wants to become rector of KU Leuven: “If I put my pla … (Leuven)

/ Leuven – The country’s most famous toxicologist Jan Tytgat has applied to become rector at KU Leuven. He wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the largest and oldest university in our country, which he believes is permeated with disappointment and frustration at all levels. “If I am elected and allowed to … Read more

Turkey.- Erdogan calls the organizers of the protests against the appointment of a rector “terrorists”

Turkey.- Erdogan calls the organizers of the protests against the appointment of a rector “terrorists” MADRID, 8 One. 2021 (Europa Press) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the organizers of the student protests registered on Monday in the city of Istanbul against the election of a new rector of Bogazici University, one of the … Read more

Turkey: Students protest against the university rector chosen by Erdogan and clash with the police

Hundreds of students clashed with police outside an Istanbul university on Monday while protesting the recent appointment of a new rector by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The footage shows police clashing with students while using tear gas and closing the doors of Bogazici University, one of the country’s leading academic institutions. Erdogan appointed Melih … Read more

Education: Rector leaves elementary and middle school

After one and a half years as head of the pastor’s Kneipp school in Bad Wörishofen, Bernd Petzenhauser takes on a new role From Helmut Bader After only one and a half years there is another change at the top of the pastor’s Kneipp elementary and middle school Bad Woerishofen. Rector Bernd Petzenhauser leaves school … Read more

Hybrid education: rector of Tec analyzes post-covid future in education

David garza, rector and executive president of the Tec de Monterrey, reflected on the future from education after the COVID-19 pandemic, in which he considers that it will be a combination of face-to-face and virtual formats. “I don’t think the face-to-face university […] Will not be online ni presential if not hybrid”, Garza noted during … Read more

les-Belles | Education. Secularism week: Rector Huart congratulates Gruber college

After the assassination of Samuel Paty, secularism week takes on a special meaning this year. Secularism, tolerance, freedom are themes that touched the students of Jacques-Gruber college in Colombey-les-Belles that Jean-Marc Huart, rector of the academy, visited on Monday. Through Cedric CITRAIN – 05:00 – Reading time: