The one that was at the Rangers horror movie. The rematch between Pilsen and Tiraspol is whistled by a well-known referee

“Honestly, I don’t care who whistles. We have to respect the referee and take it as it is,” said Pilsen captain Lukáš Hejda. The Israeli is one of the most experienced referees, but the red and whites do not have good memories of him at all. Due to Grinfield’s benevolence, the Scottish team resorted to … Read more

GLOSA: Cedidla deserves a punishment like Kuchta, the league must stop the crime

Both cases unfolded in the same way, only with diametrically different endings. Spartan Jan Kuchta initially received only a yellow card for stepping on the head of the lying Liberec goalkeeper Olivier Vliegen. However, the head referee Ladislav Szikszay was lucky that his colleagues saved him on the video. After a review at the screen … Read more

Repercussions of a brutal foul: Trpišovský scolded the referee, the punishment is already in the world

The 59th minute of Slavia’s relatively quiet match with Zlín was running at that time, when visiting defender Martin Cedidla drove hard into the leg of Brazilian playmaker Ewerton. He immediately fell to the ground in pain and painfully held his right knee, which twisted badly during the procedure. First win under Prisk. Sparta beat … Read more

The referee is a disgrace! As in the Greek league, Panathinaikos officially complains

Source: AC Sparta Prague Baník Ostrava has had an unflattering start to the season after two rounds. In the first round at home, he suffered a debacle from Sigma from Olomouc, in the second round he had a lot to do to take at least a point from Ďolíček. How did coach Pavel Vrba evaluate … Read more

Terrible injury. The referee stopped the match due to a broken nose

Twenty-seven-year-old Perry stepped into the cage in Stockton, California, for only his second professional fight. His opponent was his compatriot McCain, and the one who was only a few months older didn’t spare a bit of juice. Quite the contrary. The wrestlers clinch in the first round, and McCain lands a knee right on Perry’s … Read more

Furious after a decision, a player hits a referee from behind (VIDEO)

This shocking scene takes place in Argentina, in the east of the country. In a match between Garmonense and Deportivo Indenpendencia, a player became uncontrollable after a referee decision. Named Cristian Tirone, the player selected at first by his teammates, the one wearing number 2 rushes to Dalma Cortadi, the main referee of the meeting. … Read more

Video – He assaulted the referee for no reason and was arrested

An episode of what can be described as “inexplicable violence” occurred in the Gonzalez Chavez province near the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, on Sunday, when soccer player Christian Teron appeared to hit the “wisdom” of the match Dalma Magali Cortadi. The reason was that the referee raised the red card in Tyron’s face, so he … Read more

A referee saves a football player from death (video) | news

Video duration 00 minutes 40 seconds 00:40 2/8/2022–|Last update: 2/8/202202:22 PM (Mecca) In a football match in Cameroon, referee Mangom Michael saved the life of a Cameroonian player named Lionel Messi, who plays for the Minoa team, after he collided in a joint game with another player from the Volcan of Nom team, to fall … Read more

Video: Horror in Argentine football. A female referee was punched by a player

A terrible incident occurred during an amateur football match in Argentina. During the match between Garmense and Deportivo Independecia, one of the players attacked the referee. The footballer was subsequently arrested for his act. Referee Dalma Magali Cortadi was in charge of the duel of the regional Argentinian league, which, however, took a turn for … Read more

The premiere of ex-Slavic stars for Jakarta? Krmenčík scolded the referee, Kúdela lost in a key fight

When the news appeared at the beginning of June that Slavia’s prop Ondřej Kúdela was heading to Jakarta, Indonesia, it sparked a lot of topics for discussion among fans. A few days later, he was followed by Michael Krmenčník, who would rather forget about the engagement in Eden for a change. And most recently, the … Read more