Low mortgage interest makes homeowners refinance | Money

This is reported by Hypotheken Data Netwerk. About 45,000 mortgage applications were submitted through the network last month. Of these, 13,000 were refiners. In February 2020, the number of mortgage applications was just under 40,000. Refiners generally opt for security and fix their interest for 20 years. Many mortgage advisers expect interest rates to slowly … Read more

The US takes the slow route back to Latin America for now | Opinion

A new battle for Latin America may be brewing. Shortly after Trump’s departure, the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) agreed to help Ecuador refinance part of the $ 3.5 billion it owes China in exchange for blocking its access to its telecommunications networks. . The US exported more than $ 100 billion in goods … Read more

“We have managed to refinance part of the Community debt without interest”

MURCIA. Luis Marin, director of the Institute of Credit and Finance of the Region of Murcia (Icref), is optimistic about the future of the recently released 2021. He points out that the macroeconomic indicators indicate a recovery from the second half of the year and wants to be optimistic. Doctor of Law, degree in Economic … Read more

Today’s Best Mortgage & Refinance Rates: Sun Jan 10, 2021

Some mortgage rates have fallen since last Sunday, while others have increased. Refinancing rates are generally on the rise. However, none of the changes are very significant. Mortgage and refinance rates are generally low, so now might be a good time to get a new mortgage if your finances are good. You will probably get … Read more

Today’s Best Mortgage & Refinance Rates: Sat Jan 9, 2021

Fixed mortgage rates have fallen since last Saturday, but adjustable rates and refinancing rates have increased. However, none of these changes are super significant. Rates have been falling overall since this period last month. If you are ready to get a mortgage or refinance, you can choose a fixed rate mortgage rather than an adjustable … Read more

Today’s Best Mortgage & Refinance Rates: Sat, Jan 2, 2021 | Small fluctuations

Some mortgage and refinance rates have declined since last Saturday, while others have risen – but the changes are not very significant. Overall, rates are still at an all time low. If you want to buy a home or refinance, you may prefer a fixed rate mortgage rather than a variable rate. Darrin English, Senior … Read more

Today’s Best Mortgage and Refinance Rates: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 | Rates remain low

Mortgage rates haven’t changed much since last Tuesday, but overall they are trending down. If you want to buy a home in the near future, you can opt for a fixed rate mortgage rather than a variable rate loan. Darrin English, Senior Community Development Loan Officer at Quontic Bank, told Business Insider that there is … Read more

ACS refinances 721 million in the Barcelona metro | Companies

Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras, a subsidiary of the group ACS, has carried out the refinancing of 721 million of debt of the concessionaire of Line 9, section 4, of the Barcelona Metro, in which it is present with the partners Brookfield, Queenspoint, Equitix y Dalmore. Previously, Iridium had refinanced, in October 2019, the 726 million … Read more


Share Pin Tweet Send Share Send Refinancing interest rates and terms is credit improvement. You’re swapping your old mortgage for a new one, which will (hopefully) put you in a better financial position. You may be able to achieve one or more goals with a refinance for interest rates and terms, such as: Lowering your … Read more