“Almost like after a hurricane” – unusual cold blocks refineries in Texas – World

© Associated Press Unusual for the southern states of the United States, cold caused chaos in the country’s energy sector, blocked the operation of key refineries, terminals and wells in the United States and left millions without electricity. Reuters estimates that due to the shutdown of several of the largest oil refineries, about 18% of … Read more

Maduro announces recovery of two refineries in Venezuela

VENEZUELA. He socialist president Nicolás Maduror announced this Wednesday that two refineries in Venezuela “they have risenor “after a recovery” in silence, at a time when oil production remains stagnant at record lows. Venezuela is already producing everything it needs for domestic consumption. Two refineries have already been built despite the brutal attack “by Washington, … Read more

Oil reaches highs after Covid due to the closure of refineries in the US

Related news The price of oil continues to rise for the fourth consecutive week but this week it has risen by 1.6% reaching 46 dollars / barrel, in the case of Brent, and 1.5% of WTI ($ 43.48), for various reasons located at very distant points from each other: USA, United Arab Emirates and China. … Read more