Day of reflection before the parliamentary vote – Elections 2021 – Bulgaria – NOVA News

Today is a day for reflection. Any agitation is prohibited. According to preliminary lists, just over 6 million and 732 thousand people have the right to vote. In these elections, our compatriots abroad will vote with a record number of polling stations – 465. Voting abroad will be only with paper ballots, but in our … Read more

“I killed my mother”: Xuxa’s crude reflection in the face of the strong wave of COVID-19 in Brazil

Xuxa’s shocking reflection on the rebound in COVID-19 infections in Brazil (Video: Instagram @xuxamenegheloficial) In the last weeks, Brazil has registered a strong wave of infections due to coronavirus that cause the COVID-19 disease, a worrisome outbreak in which the country has already broken its record of daily deaths, reaching 3,650 deaths this Friday, March … Read more

The rebellion at Goldman Sachs, a reflection of overwork fueled by the pandemic

The revolt of young Goldman Sachs bankers against the 100-hour weeks goes beyond criticism of a firm known for its harshness, highlighting the difficult working conditions of many financial institutions in times of Covid. Complaints from a well-paid elite have at times been derided in a country where unemployment has skyrocketed, where the recovery still … Read more

Scientists Develop Deepfake Photo Identification Tool – Computer scientists at the University of Buffalo have developed a tool that can automatically identify deepfake photos by analyzing the reflection of light in the eye. This tool proved to be 94 percent effective in their research received at the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing which will be held … Read more

The HLA group promotes a forum for reflection of health professionals on medicine after the pandemic

MADRID, 2 Mar. (EUROPA PRESS) – The HLA hospital group has promoted the ‘HLA Future’ initiative, a forum in which health professionals themselves reflect on the challenges they face after the pandemic and the responses they are giving to build a new way of doing medicine, with in order to build a health “more efficient, … Read more

NBA: Doncic’s candid reflection after a prodigious performance: “Today wasn’t too good …”

NBA He analyzed the game after signing 46 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists Doncic’s heartfelt reflection after a prodigious performance: “Today wasn’t too good …” LThe Dallas Mavericks added their fourth consecutive victory against the New Orleans Pelicans (143-130) thanks to a recital by Luka Doncic (46 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists) … … Read more

Viral video | A girl’s reflection on four English words that became a trend | Trends | Twitter | Social networks | VIRAL

“Childhood is a wonderful time. There is no past, there is no future; only a present that is looked at with innocence and illusion “. This phrase by the Spanish author Carla Montero tells us sums up how children always surprise us with their curious behaviors and their inexorable desire to learn. This time, the … Read more

Reviewing the reflection of expected future income when calculating DSR for youth

‘Flexible loan’ even for temporary income decliners Loan regulations are relaxed so that young people or those with temporary declines in income are not penalized. The financial authorities are reviewing ways to flexibly apply the total debt principal repayment ratio (DSR), which is a criterion for limiting the total amount of loans, to young adults … Read more

“In reflection” Park Eun-seok, belatedly apologizes for the controversy over distributing companion animals

(Photo = Park Eun-seok SNS) [이데일리 스타in 김현식 기자] Actor Park Eun-seok, who gained popularity after appearing in the SBS drama “Penthouse,” belatedly apologized for the controversy over distributing companion animals. Initially, through the agency, he denied the suspicion, saying, “It is not true at all,” and then changed his position. Park Eun-seok posted a … Read more

Guillermo Coppola made a moving reflection on the last days of Diego Maradona

One of the news that had the most impact on the family of Diego Armando Maradona was the verification of the calligraphic experts of San Isidro that the signature of Pelusa found in papers related to the doctor Leopoldo Luque were forged. Guillermo Coppola He took the floor and referred to this fact and to … Read more