Shopify CEO Reflects on Ecommerce Giant’s Integration into DeFi Ecosystem

The march of cryptocurrencies towards mainstream adoption takes another important step, as the CEO of an e-commerce giant is publicly reflecting on how to integrate his company with the ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi). Friday night, the CEO of Shopify, Tobi Dolls, posted a message on Twitter asking the DeFi community what “role” Shopify could … Read more

Steam Hardware Survey – March 2021, reflects stagnation due to lack of stock

As soon as the month of March closes, we already have with us the Steam Hardware Survey, where you can already see the stagnation linked to the shortage of components with minimal growth for Nvidia in the market for GPUs, and for AMD in the market for processors. Let’s go to what interests, and without … Read more

Danna Paola (Lu) reflects on her unexpected departure from the series

By Mélinda Correia March 24, 2021 at 4:34 PM Read laterSavedFollow #series# Tracking series Danna Paola, aka Lucrecia, reconsidered her departure from the Spanish series Elite. Zoom. Yes, it’s true, we are all very excited to discover season 4 from the Spanish series Elite! Moreover, for those who follow the adventures of the high school … Read more

“It probably reflects how you feel”

M. Trump shared a photo of black balloons showing the number 15. So on March 20 of that year came Donald and Melania’s son. She added three hearts to the greeting. At first glance, Melania’s seemingly innocent and sincere record as a mat was criticized. First, social network commentators attacked M. Trump that the balloons … Read more

“His hatred reflects his personality,” Rocío Nahle responds to Alazraki after requesting his resignation

The head of the Ministry of Energy, Dew nahle, replied to Carlos Alazraki after the businessman asked him to present his resignation in a column published today. Through social networks, Nahle, accused “of knowledge” after reading the publicist’s public letter. It should be noted that it is your personal comment. Where he exhibits his lack … Read more

Read reflects, but congress condition in 2023 – Politics

Friday at noon the Democratic Party could have its new secretary, which the National Assembly on Sunday would sanction with an almost unanimous vote. Enrico Letta has in fact announced that within 48 hours he will dissolve the reserve on requests to run for the leadership of the Democratic Party. The knot that prompted the … Read more

Kim Kardashian Reflects On Media Treatment Of Her Pregnancy Weight Gain After Watching Britney Spears Documentary

Kim Kardashian recalls being teased about the weight of pregnancy after watching Britney Spears’ documentary (Getty) Kim Kardashian has identified with Britney Spears about the damaging impact of being negatively attacked in the media after seeing the documental del New York Times about the singer of Toxic. In the documentary, Framing Britney Spears , which … Read more

With diablo ii, blizzard reflects on his past. but now is the time for the future

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year of chaos. People got sick, companies went bankrupt, the paradigms of the world of work changed in countless ways, and that was before June. But 2020 was also a year when people came together in unexpected ways. Nostalgia appeared as a limiting element. People have dabbled in … Read more

Leo Blokhuis reflects on the departure of radio friend Rob Stenders | NOW

Leo Blokhuis has to get used to his first time The Delightful 15 on NPO Radio 2 without Rob Stenders. Stenders announced Tuesday to switch to Radio Veronica and was last heard on Radio 2 on Friday. “This is strange,” Blokhuis said at the start of the program on Sunday afternoon. The DJs have been … Read more

Tilburg reflects on one year of coronavirus in the Netherlands with thanksgiving | NOW

A year after the first corona infection in the Netherlands, a so-called window of thanks was unveiled in Tilburg as a tribute to people who worked for others during the pandemic. The unveiling took place on Saturday in front of the Palace Town Hall in the city center. The thank you window is inspired by … Read more