Bud Light launches BL6, video game console with refrigerator

The recent launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S has the world of gaming attentive to the news they have for the best players, without putting aside Nintendo, house of great classics. However, a fourth competitor appeared, who will surely take the preference of those who do not like to interrupt … Read more


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XBOX launches contest for its ‘Series X’ refrigerator

Trends / Trends / By: Staff NotiGape Posted: October 29, 2020 | 10:38 PM Xbox has taken the comments about its new console (Xbox Series X) and its peculiar shape that resembles a refrigerator very seriously, so the company is giving away precisely an appliance of this type with the theme of the Xbox Series … Read more

Microsoft launched a particular contest that gives away an Xbox refrigerator

As soon as the design of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s most powerful console, immediately began to fill social networks with memes that compared the device to a fridgeThis is due to its vertical rectangular model that is quite similar to this appliance. Microsoft picked up the glove and took advantage of joining the teasing … Read more

VIRAL: The new Xbox Series X-style refrigerator | THE IMPARTIAL

EU.- The new Xbox consoles were unveiled last year, which evidently received strong criticism from their followers, some good and others not so much, to the point of going viral through social networks, it was then that the company that took advantage of this moment to create three refrigerators inspired by his new console. A … Read more

The meme comes true: Snoop Dogg and several influencers receive an Xbox Series X refrigerator

Admittedly, there are real geniuses in the Xbox marketing department, and the last action is to remove the hat to promote Xbox Series X. You will surely remember that, after presenting the console to the world in December 2019, they were all kinds of memes related to your shape and size, they even went as … Read more

The meme is real! Snoop Dogg shows us his refrigerator in the form of Xbox Series X – Gamez

From the first moment the Xbox Series X design was unveiled, more than one person mentioned that the new console bore a strong resemblance to a refrigerator. This joke has reached such a degree that even Xbox has made a couple of memes on this subject. Now, what started as a simple grace, has come … Read more

Microsoft makes the meme come true and creates the Xbox Series X refrigerator – MDTech

The fridge Xbox Series X is promoted by its creator Microsoft like a refrigerator that cools properly and has unique features. The light inside is green as is the identity of Xbox. When you open the door, the welcome music sounds when the console starts up. But attention fans! Doesn’t run video games … If … Read more

iJustine Receives Amazing Xbox Series X Refrigerator

Microsoft has decided to unleash the memes that ran on social networks about the shape of his new console Xbox Series X, where it was said that the console looks like a refrigerator, that is why they have decided to make it a reality. Today, the influencer and YouTuber iJustine, has unboxed a Xbox Series … Read more