Refurbishment: TIROLER Versicherung is dedicated to the anniversary of its history

INNSBRUCK. A digital press conference by Tiroler Versicherung on a special topic. As part of a research project, the historian Nikolaus Bliem dealt with the role of TIROLER VERSICHERUNG in the Nazi era. Closed safe For Franz Mair, CEO of TIROLER Versicherung, dealing with stories is an extremely exciting topic. A real treasure trove for … Read more

Visual relationships and open space. 1907.H Dwelling refurbishment in Barcelona by LAOS | The Strength of Architecture

Description of project by LAOS architecture The dwelling to upgrade is located on the fifth floor of a building built in 1910 very close to the imaginary border between Gràcia and la Dreta de l’Eixample. Due to the narrowness of the plot, the building has only two floors per floor and a width of less … Read more