US unemployment benefits are at a high rate

US data showed that the number of applications for unemployment benefits rose in the United States during the past week, at a level more than expected. According to recently released US Department of Labor data, initial jobless claims rose in the week ending November 19, by 17,000, to 240,000. The results of the aforementioned week … Read more

Singapore Will Register Kebaya as UNESCO Heritage Together with 3 Other Countries Page all

SINGAPORE, – Singapore will register kebaya on the list of cultural heritage UNESCOthrough multinational efforts with Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Thailand. Singapore’s National Heritage Council (NHB) on Wednesday (23/11/2022) said this would be Singapore’s first multinational nomination for the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Representative List. They schedule to submit their bid in March 2023. Also … Read more

The ‘Miķeļa alus doretava’ belonging to Rädlich has been excluded from the VAT register

SIA “Miķeļa alus doretava” belonging to Miķelis Rēdlih has been excluded from the VAT register, according to “Lursoft” Information provided by the Client Portfolio. The company was a VAT payer almost from the moment of its registration in 2012. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “Lursoft” data shows that SIA “Miķeļa alus doretava” has … Read more

2nd Debt Relief Expo 2022, first day of work, 18 Nov 2022, check how to register here.

Project progress update The 2nd “Working Together to Solve Debt Traveling 2022” held on November 18-20, 2022, BAAC including financial institutions Help solve the debt of the northeastern region at Hall 2, the International Convention and Exhibition Center. Khon Kaen Province (KICE) from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Check out the registration process for debt … Read more

Comprehensive Lee Ye-rim inherited an inheritance from Lee Kyung-gyu, he can live on for the rest of his life, family register mates

Lee Gyeong-gyu passed on a list of restaurants, a legacy, to his daughter Lee Ye-rim. On MBC’s ‘Hojeok Mate’, which aired on the 15th, Lee Kyung-gyu and his daughter visited three restaurants with history and tradition. On this day, Lee Kyung-gyu first visited a Daegu-tang restaurant. Lee Ye-rim arrived while Lee Kyung-kyu was drunk on … Read more

M5s, Conte announces the (re)birth of territorial groups: minimum 30 people and there is an obligation to register with the Movement

They were born with an official announcement of Joseph Conte the territorial groups of the 5 star movement. And there are already those who think of the Meetups, the skeleton of the original M5s and officially archived in 2015, but here it’s not just the name that’s different. “It is a true organizational revolution the … Read more

An amputee player scores an amazing goal… Watch the video

An amputee football player grabbed the attention after scoring a stunning goal during a match in Poland. A cross ball reached Marcin Oleksi, player of the Polish team Warta Poznan, to turn it into the net of his opponent, Stal Rzeszow, after executing a side scissor in an amazing way. Oleksiy, 35, used one of … Read more

Cygnus cargo ship makes it to ISS with blanketed solar panel • The Register

An Cygnus cargo ship has successfully made it to the International Space Station despite the failure of half its solar panel array. The Cygnus vehicle, built by Northrop Grumman and named S.S. Sally Ride – after the late physicist and first American woman to fly to space in 1983 – was launched atop the company’s … Read more

For Egyptians only.. Register now for the Qatar Airways job at Cairo Airport (details)

announced Qatar Airways About Qatar Airways Job at Cairo airportto fill the position of an Airport Services Duty in Cairo, to supervise and control the activities of flight handling, modification, check-in and boarding, and to ensure the highest level of service. reviews «for the Egyptian today» In the following lines details Qatar Airways job At … Read more