A former maiko who confessed to mixed bathing with underage drinking “Kyoto’s geisha district” is flooded with slander … Movement to restore health is “regular customers still receive the same entertainment”[After the scoop]| Smart FLASH / Smafura[光文社週刊誌]

Takashi Kiri, who is currently active as a writer and creator. Autumn is finally here! Various news continues to make noise in the world. Under such circumstances, from among the articles in this magazine that have reported many scoops, we will follow up on the news that had a particularly large response! 《It may be … Read more

Earthquake in Genoa, three aftershocks in the night. Regular rail traffic

Genova. The earth is still shaking in Genoa. After the two tremors felt in the afternoon, during the night just passed the seismographs of the national institute of geology and volcanology recorded three more tremors with epicenter between Bargagli e Davagna, in Val Bisagno. The strongest was warned at 00.44: a quake of magnitude 2.3 … Read more

The new CBA season will start on October 10 and the regular season will be increased to 42 rounds – yqqlm

Original title: The new CBA season will start on October 10 and the regular season will be increased to 42 rounds Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 23 (Reporter Cao Yibo) The Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) held a press conference for the 2022-2023 season in Beijing on the 23rd, announcing that the new season … Read more

The top eight of the National Elephant League ended the regular season and qualified for the finals – Sports – China Industry Network

Original title: National Elephant League regular season ends The top eight qualify for the finals Tianjin Daily News (Reporter Zhang Lulu) The “Wuling Mountain Rift Valley Cup” 2022 China Chess League A regular season recently ended in Fuling, Chongqing. The top 8 teams have all been released to qualify for the upcoming finals in November. … Read more

What can happen if you take vitamin C daily. What are the advantages and disadvantages of regular consumption

Cancer prevention According to Marchese, “most healthy people do not need daily vitamin C supplements, but a supplement may reduce the risk of cancer in people who are vitamin C deficient.” Vitamin C is also helpful for cancer patients who cannot get all their nutrients orally or have increased levels of inflammation or infection from … Read more

Why is it important to make regular contributions when saving for retirement?

In the third tier of pensions, people saving have the freedom to determine the amount of contributions and the frequency of their payments – savers take advantage of this in the event of a worse financial situation or falling financial markets. However, historical data shows that investing regularly and without interruptions can lead to more … Read more

“Observing him, we say to ourselves that he is a regular…”

Published on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at 3:36 p.m. Par Johanne Tinck Late Saturday evening, a computer was stolen from the offices of the pizzeria Gennaro in La Louvière. To mark the occasion and try to recover his property, the boss did not hesitate to broadcast the photo of the thief! It’s been 41 years … Read more

Tribute to the legend. The trophy for the winner of the regular part of the extra league will bear Pouzar’s name

“Jaroslav Pouzar gave us his approval and was honored that the cup would be named after him,” said Tomáš Jankovič, APK LH manager. In the past, Pouzar was the first chairman of the Association of Professional Ice Hockey Clubs, which just before the upcoming season took over the management of the extra league after ten … Read more

Which is Efficient, Buy Regular Motor Gasoline or Charge Electric Motors?

Jakarta – When the price of fuel oil (BBM) soars, electric vehicles may be one solution. Therefore, electric vehicles are claimed to be more efficient. In terms of energy consumption, it is also called more efficient. Really? The cost of charging an electric motorbike is claimed to be cheaper than gasoline. To charge at home, … Read more

A special event to commemorate the release of the 2nd regular album of Self-Photo Studio ODIT MODE pH-1

Black and white/color self-portrait studio ‘Audity Mode’ announced that it will hold a special event to commemorate the release of the artist pH-1 2nd album ‘BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE’. The pH-1 comeback event will be held from the 13th to the 30th at 14 self-photo studios nationwide (12 branches including Gangnam, Hongdae, Konkuk … Read more