State officials do not see marijuana regulation favorably

La Paz, Baja California Sur. Faced with the imminent regulation that would legalize the production and consumption of the plant known as marijuana in the country by the Federal Legislative Power, state officials did not see the new legal framework as a positive advance either for the criminal part or for the possible entry of … Read more

District court: Covid19 voucher regulation does not apply – SC Paderborn appeals: Ghost game: Reimbursement for sponsor – SCP

In the opinion of the court, VIP cards are not comparable to normal entry tickets when it comes to compensation. The sponsor had refused a voucher offered by the association and insisted on immediate payment of the services lost due to the lockdown in March. At that time the SCP was still playing in the … Read more

Education – Dresden – Christmas holidays: union wants regulation for parents – education

Dresden (dpa / sn) – In view of the plans for early Christmas holidays in Saxony, the union has called for a regulation for working parents. “We call on politicians to enable affected parents of children under 16 years of age to have an unbureaucratic right to paid leave for the additional vacation days,” said … Read more

LIGA MX – Official Page of the Mexican Professional Soccer League

Article 15: The first twelve Clubs of the General Classification Table of each Tournament at the end of the 17 Days, automatically participate for the LIGA MX Champion Title in the 2020 Guard1anes and Clausura 2021 Tournaments. Clubs classified in positions 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be placed directly in the Quarterfinal phase Clubs … Read more

Yaquis loses game by regulation due to COVID-19 cases | sports

Three Yaquis players tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, so the duel between Ciudad Obregón and the Águilas de Mexicali was suspended and, according to the regulations of the Mexican Pacific League, Ciudad Obregón lost by disqualification and a score of 9 -0. The league reported in a statement that the meeting will be counted … Read more

The call for a hardship regulation – what about the imputed rental value? – Canton (Aargau) – Aargau

Almost to the day exactly five years ago, the Grand Council increased the imputed rental value by a wafer-thin majority after a real speech battle. This in order to meet the legal requirements again. The imputed rental value must be at least 60 percent of the market rental value. In Aargau, it had previously fallen … Read more

Agromuralla requests a specific line of aid that allows adaptation to the new regulation of application of slurry

The livestock association Agromuralla claims both the Ministry of Agriculture and the Xunta de Galicia an “urgent clarification” of the regulations that regulate the application of manure and slurry in the coming years and “specific direct aids” that allow the sector to adapt to the new regulations without the costs involved in compliance with “an … Read more

Chinese tech companies lose US $ 290bn after new regulation

(Bloomberg) – Chinese tech giants from Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. to Tencent Holdings Ltd lost nearly $ 290 billion in market value in two days of frenzied selling, as investors focused on assessing the consequences of Beijing’s broader attempt to control to its most powerful private firms. Tech stocks fell for a second day after … Read more

The right to abortion demands regulation – Prensa Libre

The factors that led to a bubble maintaining a chain of amino acids and replicating them are still unclear. Viruses are not alive, but organized. To replicate they need a cell. Cells can live in a suitable environment individually or as cooperative organizations. When a set of cells separates from a larger one where they … Read more

Lawyer: Lockdown regulation partly unlawful |

Horn also sees the regulation as “highly problematic” because of the reference to “own private living space”. The stipulation that “leaving your own private living area” and “lingering outside your own private living area” at night is only permitted for certain purposes means, conversely, that you are not allowed to be in someone else’s private … Read more