Ekstedt, Mirjam Helen – Internet-based rehabilitation for psychosocial and sexual health in patients who have undergone treatment for cancer in the small pelvis

Background In 2040, twice as many people as today are expected to live with a cancer diagnosis, which entails an increased need for cancer treatment and follow-up care after treatment has ended. When the active cancer treatment is completed, the patient may experience an insecurity to continue the rehabilitation on their own, with reduced support … Read more

Koen and Nono Wauters become a duo for a good cause: “I had a tough rehabilitation myself when I was sixteen” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

BVKoen Wauters (54) shared the spotlights with none other than his own son Nono (16) yesterday. For the first time, the duo spoke to the press together, side by side, as brand new godparents of the pediatric rehabilitation center UZ Gent. “Now that Nono has a moped, I occasionally experience scary moments.” Bram De Brabander … Read more

Martling, Anna Isabella – Individualized multidisciplinary diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of colorectal cancer patients – randomized, observational and epidemiological studies

Background Colorectal cancer affects approximately 6,800 people annually in Sweden. The treatment has improved, which has led to an increased survival, but still almost half of the patients suffer from difficult-to-treat relapses with a high risk of death. In the case of widespread disease, there are treatments that prolong survival, but which only in a … Read more

Popular fiddler Bengan Janson, 59, near death …

Accordionist Bengan Janson together with his violinist wife Eva: “We do everything together. Photo: Private Share the photo on Pinterest Published: 19 Jun 2022, kl 16:58 In just a few hours, the popular fiddler Bengan Janson, 59, went from fully healthy to terminally ill. The chills were due to the fact that he had just … Read more

The National Council discusses two draft laws on “rehabilitation” and events

Abu Dhabi and Ajman (Union) The Federal National Council, headed by His Excellency Saqr Ghobash, Speaker of the Council, will hold its fourteenth session of the third regular session of the seventeenth legislative term, next Wednesday, in Zayed Hall at the Council’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, during which it will discuss two federal draft laws … Read more

Message Stefano Tacconi to his wife Laura, “S + L love” – ​​Piedmont

Card posted by son on Instagram. Rehabilitation starts next week “S+L love“or the initials of Stefano and Laura, accompanied by the word” love “in English: it is the text of Stefano Tacconi’s note, written with uncertain handwriting, addressed to his wife Laura – posted on a story on Instagram by his son Andrea – to … Read more

The tragic fate of the grandchildren of Cantinflas: The eldest committed suicide and the twins were admitted to a rehabilitation center for their addiction to alcohol and drugs | People | Entertainment

The actor Mario Moreno-Reyes, recognized worldwide as Cantinflas, not only evolved the arts in Mexico, but also lived through the Golden Age of cinema in his country. After his death in 1993 and despite his fortune, his descendants did not receive a penny and were seized by the tragedy. With a 60-year career, the actor … Read more

After 329 years of rehabilitation in Massachusetts for ‘witch’ Elizabeth Johnson

It has taken more than three centuries, but the last ‘witch’ of the so-called Salem witch trials has been officially acquitted. That happened 329 years after Elizabeth Johnson Jr. was sentenced to death for witchcraft in the then English colony of Massachusetts. That is now a US state. There was no execution in 1693, but … Read more

Simmons needed surgery, and rehabilitation will last almost the entire off-season

Having spent the entire season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Ben Simmons will also spend the entire off-season for rehabilitation. The Brooklyn Nets Australian is suffering from a spinal hernia and has decided to lie on an operating table. Recovery after such a procedure takes 3-4 months. Brooklyn Nets’ Ben Simmons is expected to … Read more

The girl injured in a Camorra ambush signs her now redeveloped mural – Chronicle

Smiling and with her thumb pointing upwards as if to say to everyone ‘ok, everything is fine’, little Noemi ‘signed’ the mural in the National squarethat square where on May 3, 2019 she was hit by bullets that exploded in one Camorra shooting. And today, three years later, Naples wanted to celebrate with her and … Read more