Complementary therapies: what about reimbursement?

43 millions The total sales price of complementary medicine drugs in 2017, according to the Swiss Association for Complementary Medicine Drugs (ASMC). 1. Which complementary medicines are covered by the basic insurance? In Switzerland, four complementary therapies are covered by the basic insurance (LAMal): – Homeopathy, which consists in prescribing to the patient a very strongly … Read more

District court: Covid19 voucher regulation does not apply – SC Paderborn appeals: Ghost game: Reimbursement for sponsor – SCP

In the opinion of the court, VIP cards are not comparable to normal entry tickets when it comes to compensation. The sponsor had refused a voucher offered by the association and insisted on immediate payment of the services lost due to the lockdown in March. At that time the SCP was still playing in the … Read more

The Prosigna breast cancer trial has now been approved for reimbursement in Germany

Veracyte, Inc. (Nasdaq: VCYT), a pioneer in genomic diagnostics, has announced that the German Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) has approved its Prosigna® Breast Cancer Gene Signature Assay Breast Cancer Prognostic Genetic Signature Assay. The G-BA’s decision to reimburse the Prosigna test will give access to the test to all breast cancer patients in Germany with … Read more

Irpef reimbursement 730 pensioners, the news: when and how to request it

Among the main measures provided for the revival decree in support of citizens is the modification of deadlines and tax rules to receive the Irpef 730/2020 refund. First of all, the deadline for sending the 730 model is no longer set for July 23, but has been extended to September 30, 2020. In addition, from … Read more

Reimbursement from ZUS for entrepreneurs

Some entrepreneurs were severely disappointed when they applied for exemption from ZUS contributions, but in the end – they did not receive the exemption because their account was overpayment. The problem was decided by the Social Insurance Institution itself, which came up with the initiative to change the regulations. Reimbursement from ZUS for entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs … Read more

Reimbursement of tickets: 8 companies singled out by consumer associations

Eight airlines, including Air France, EasyJet or Ryanair, were singled out Wednesday by the European Bureau of Consumer Unions (Beuc) for “violations” of passenger rights, including that to a refund in the event of a canceled flight. The Brussels-based organization said it had alerted the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities to these violations, … Read more

The Council of State dismisses consumer associations demanding reimbursement of canceled trips

The Council of State rejected the appeal of the associations for the defense of consumers UFC-Que Choisir and Consumption, housing, living environment (CCLV) against the ordinance authorizing tour operators to offer a credit, and not a refund, to customers whose the stay was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The judge, who had been Seized … Read more