all Belgians may be concerned, beware of this reimbursement proposal!

Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 7:53 p.m. False text messages concerning the reimbursement of a traffic fine are circulating. Pay attention ! New false text messages are circulating concerning the reimbursement of a traffic fine. The message seems to come from the federal government but it is actually a scam, warns “Due … Read more

Reimbursement Mysimba for overweight and weight loss program — PW

Mysimba reduces weight if people on a low-calorie diet and more exercise do not lose weight enough: bupropion decreases the activity of dopamine, which decreases appetite, and naltrexone reduces the need to eat. With Mysimba, twice as many people lose 5% or more, and almost three times as many people lose 10% or more. Research … Read more

Boys discriminated against in HPV vaccination reimbursement

The HPV vaccine protects against various types of cancer, but only girls in Belgium are reimbursed for the vaccine. According to the Brussels labor court, this is contrary to the Gender Act and the Anti-Discrimination Act. Today, the NIHDI only provides reimbursement of the HPV vaccine (under certain conditions) for girls and not for boys. … Read more

Australia instead of Russia. Slovak tennis players are also in the game

Russian defending champions in both competitions and with them the selections of Belarus were excluded from team tennis competitions in response to the Russian invasion with the help of the Belarusians to Ukraine. The International Federation of ITF has decided that in the final, Russia will replace the highest-ranking teams from last year’s semifinals, which … Read more

LUMC still does not have a contract with Zorg en Zekerheid and DSW about reimbursement of care in 2022

Marieta Kroft Monday, December 27, 2021 at 8:00 PM Leiden The LUMC is still negotiating the reimbursements of care to be provided in 2022 with the health insurers Zorg en Zekerheid and DSW. The Leiden hospital reports that on the website. The question is whether patients who are insured with Zorg en Zekerheid and DSW … Read more

up to € 500 reimbursement

Even though the State Cashback is on its way to decline, there is no shortage of new similar initiatives. Here is the very latest Card payment (© Getty Images) The State Cashback was one of the measures that the count government implemented during the hardest months of the Covid pandemic -19. Cashback’s purpose was to … Read more

the cdH opposes the reimbursement

Some 12,000 small independents – who mistakenly received Covid aid of 3,500 euros instead of the 3,250 euros initially planned – recently received a message from the Walloon Region calling on them to reimburse the difference. Nonsense, according to the cdH which tried, in vain, to modify the agenda of the plenary session of this … Read more

Update New World – Full Patch – Reimbursement of Gold Coins and Harvesting Gear

A New World update is currently underway and should last around 3 hours. The game will therefore be up again around 11am this morning. If we expected a massive correction of bugs still present in the game, apparently it will not be, since this update focuses on a few very specific points. We take stock … Read more

Sexton receives season reimbursement for repairing a torn meniscus in his left knee

2021-11-20 10:12 source:NBA wide angle Original title: Sexton receives season reimbursement for repairing a torn meniscus of his left knee On November 20th, Beijing time, according to ESPN Mingji Woshen report, Cavaliers guard Sexton underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus of his left knee and was reimbursed for the season. Sexton retired with an … Read more