3,499 RMB with Snapdragon 8+, 12+256 storage!National Bank OnePlus Ace Pro released

[MOBILE]OnePlus Ace Pro, the national version of OnePlus’ flagship 10T in the second half of the year, was officially released in China earlier; it was as low as RMB 3,499 (approximately HK$4,070), bringing a Snapdragon 8+ chipset, with 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB UFS 3.1 High-speed storage platform. The National Bank OnePlus Ace Pro provides … Read more

Sirigu in Naples, Nkoulou-Belotti released: the strange summer of the former senators

The fate of some former grenade players: the goalkeeper signs a one-year contract with the Campania club The new season of Serie A 2022/2023 is almost upon us – the first matchday will be on the weekend – and some well-known faces in the Turin world are experiencing a particular summer. Let’s talk about Salvatore … Read more

[Go to the movie now]Fedana released a super heartwarming advertisement on his birthday to fulfill his appointment with the young player 5 years ago

Fedana released a super heartwarming advertisement on his birthday to fulfill his appointment with the young player 5 years ago Swiss football king Roger Federer turned 41 yesterday (8th), and the spaghetti brand he endorses took advantage of this big day to release a heart-warming video of about 2 minutes and 20 seconds, “Fei Tian … Read more

“Demon Slayer Blade Shinokami Blood Wind Arc” paid content “Slugmon Jindouzi (During the Demon Transformation)” character pack will be released on August 10! – funglr Games

“Kimetsu no Yaiba Hinokami Kepputan” is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam and Nintendo Switch. rnThis is a game that allows you to easily operate the popular characters of the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and enjoy exhilarating action, so even people who have never played fighting games or are not … Read more

JIFF grand prize ‘Kim Min-young of the report card’, released on September 8… Teaser poster released

Jeonju International Film Festival, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival Grand Prize ‘Kim Min-young of the report card’ will be released on September 8th. ⓒ Etnine Film Co., Ltd. released the release schedule and teaser poster for ‘Kim Min-young of the report card’ on the 8th. ‘Kim Min-young on the Report Card’ is a 20-year-old buddy … Read more

The thriller “Killing Game” with Maria Bakalova was released in theaters in New York and Los Angeles

The film “Killing Game” (“Bodies Bodies Bodies”) starring Maria Bakalova was released on August 5, Friday, in theaters in New York and Los Angeles, and from August 12 it will be available everywhere in the United States, reports the Associated Press and BTA. In director Halina Rein’s thriller, events are confined to one long night, … Read more

After a lapse of 22 years, SNK released the new work of “The Legend of the Hungry Wolf”, and the characters of “Samurai Soul” participated in “The King of Fighters XV” | 4Gamers

SNK announced the latest works and plans in the “King of Fighters” project at the EVO conference on the 8th. One of SNK’s well-known fighting games in the 1990s, “FATAL FURY”, announced the development of the latest work in the series. The last one was “MARK OF THE WOLVES” in 1999. The name of the … Read more

Tonga volcano has released an unprecedented amount of water into the atmosphere

Respond to this story delay Hengja Tonga-Hung Hapai’s eruption lasted less than a day, but released the largest amount of water vapor into the atmosphere through any recorded volcano. The researchers say the eruption could temporarily raise surface temperatures in the coming years and also affect the stratospheric ozone layer. On January 15, the underwater … Read more