The Callisto Protocol releases a patch on PC to fix some performance issues, but Krafton’s stock is already down – The Callisto Protocol

It is already known that The Callisto Protocol has been mixed reviews among the specialized press, but at least in Steam users are reporting severe performance issueseven in the NVIDIA RTX 4000. However, it seems that little by little these problems will disappear over time. just as we can appreciate on steam, users are experiencing … Read more

Xiaomi releases Smart Door Lock E10 with built-in doorbell for the Chinese market – Image and sound – News

Xiaomi has unveiled the Smart Door Lock E10 with built-in doorbell for the Chinese market. The smart lock is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner, a keypad and NFC, so that a door can be opened in several ways. The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 has a built-in doorbell. The smart lock can play an … Read more

Olike Releases Rp. 100,000 Headphones and TWS for Mobile Activity Friends

Jakarta – Similar released headphones and earphones True Wireless Stereo (TWS) new. There are Olike Wireless Headphones H1 and Sound Pellet T102, both of which are promised to accompany their users’ mobile activities for only IDR 100,000. “It’s been a long time since we launched a personal audio product with a modelover ear. This time … Read more

Epic Games releases 3d scanning app RealityScan for iOS – Computer – News

Epic Games and subsidiary Capturing Reality have released the RealityScan app for iOS devices. With the app, 3D models can be made from images taken with a smartphone camera. Just like the Capturing Reality desktop software, the RealityScan app combines different 2D images and converts them in minutes to 3D images. For this, the app … Read more

Unmissable Netflix releases in December | Movie theater

As the end of year celebrations approach, many of us want to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of December by watching a movie (or a series) under the duvet with a good hot chocolate. To accompany our TV evenings during the winter season, Netflix unveils its new products. Between Christmas comedies, action films and now cult … Read more

Czech industry crushes expensive energy and releases. And it will get worse

Production conditions in the Czech manufacturing industry worsened markedly in November. They worsened more than expected by experts contacted by the Bloomberg agency. And these assumptions were by no means optimistic. Experts contacted by the agency expected the index of purchasing managers in the Czech manufacturing industry – as compiled by S&P Global – to … Read more

MMD releases Philips wireless gaming headset with 45 hours battery life – Gaming – News

Manufacturer MMD releases the Philips TAG5106. This is a wireless gaming headset with a stated battery life of 45 hours. The headset can be connected wirelessly in various ways, but wired use is also possible. Of Philips TAG5106 Not only supports 2.4GHz connection via USB dongle, but also can be connected via Bluetooth 5.2. In … Read more

Nvidia releases ‘Portal with RTX’, a reimagined version of the popular game ‘Portal’, smoother and more responsive with DLSS 3 and ray tracing > News

news body Portal with RTX (Portal with RTX) announced that it will be released on December 8th. Portal with RTX is equipped with advanced graphics features such as full ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS 3, allowing you to enjoy the game with a new look and feel. Performance is increased with NVIDIA DLSS 3, and … Read more

After her buzz at Jordan de Luxe, Afida Turner releases a series of goodies bearing her image

It’s confirmed Afida Turner is not afraid of anything and must probably have a lot of humor! The lion-maned star has recently been talked about, especially for her performance on the set of Jordan de Luxe during which she did a very hot, dressed in a simple bodysuit, on his cover of Etienne de Guesch … Read more

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion Releases Latest Trailer • Jagat Play

The process of remaking Final Fantasy VII, whose first part has already been launched, turns out to be the beginning of Square Enix’s ambition to continue to explore the revival of this series further. That it’s not enough just to re-mix the original series, they immediately prepared several projects to enrich it, including names like … Read more