Apple releases its biggest new product this fall

It has been reported that Apple is developing the largest number of new products in history with the goal of launching this fall. Bloomberg News reported this on the 23rd (local time) through the Power-On Newsletter. According to the report, Apple is developing the next-generation low-cost MacBook Pro, including four iPhone 14 models, with a … Read more

iAM releases activities BNK48 11th Single Senbatsu and Song Announcement at THE PanOramix

One day only, do not miss January 21 at 6:15 PM. Take special photos for only 5 minutes at the Central World Shopping Center, Independent Artist Management Company Limited or iAM (IAM), the agency to take care of. Management of artists, female idol group BNK48 (BNK4) sends cool activities under the name BNK48 11th Single … Read more

Apple releases a security update that reveals why it is important for iPhone users to update to iOS 15

Thank you for reading the news about technology: Apple releases a security update that reveals why it is important to update iPhone users to iOS 15 and now with the details of the news Cairo – Samia Sayed – With the launch of the iPhone 13 series, Apple also released iOS 15 for iPhone users, … Read more

new releases on Saturday January 22

Every day, Netflix provides its subscribers with new programs. What’s new on the streaming platform this Saturday, January 22? In addition to new series and movies uploaded this week, Netflix has just unveiled a horror film, Slaughterhouse Rulez. This feature film directed by Crispian Mills, features Don Wallace, played by Find Cole, who, anxious to … Read more

Opera releases a new browser

On his official blog Opera has now announced that it has launched a new browser – Crypto Browser Project. As the name suggests, Opera has taken the cryptocurrency circle seriously with its new browser. Crypto Browser Project is now available in an open beta for Windows, Mac and Android platforms. The company says an iOS … Read more

Logitech releases 75% mechanical keyboard POP and mouse – Computer – News

Logitech markets the POP Keys, a wireless mechanical 75% keyboard with separate and interchangeable emoji buttons. There will also be a corresponding POP Mouse and a mouse pad in two different sizes. Logitech markets both the POP Keys and the POP Mouse in three colors; yellow-black, white with shades of yellow and purple, and with … Read more

Yamaha Officially Releases EMF, Electric Motor With Many Features

ARIPITSTOP.COM – When it comes to electric motors, Taiwan is the country that is experiencing the fastest development in this evolution. Now in Taiwan, almost all motorcycle manufacturers have sold versions of electric motors, and there is even a special station for swab electric motor batteries which has mushroomed as well as petrol stations in … Read more