Reliable Leaker Says Apple Plans To Present ‘Holiday Surprise’

Apple plans to introduce a “Christmas surprise” next month, according to a trusted leaker L0vetodream. In a usual enigmatic tweet, L0vetodream says that Apple’s “surprise” will be “good for winter.” It remains to be seen at this point what the tweet refers to. You will get a Christmas surprise from Apple (PS : Winter exclusive … Read more

Real Estate Forum: Notice to serious people who need reliable credit

Hello my name is Antoinette Deschamps, I have a testimony to you On all the forums, we only talk about loans between individuals but be careful because there are too many false lenders. I was told about a standard lender Dominique Aristide who granted me a loan without problem. At first I thought he was … Read more

Breast Cancer, How Reliable Is Self-Examination? | Let’s dialogue

Celebrated around the world every October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month contributes to increased attention and support for awareness, early detection, treatment and palliative care. Cancer is the rapid multiplication of abnormal cells that spread beyond their normal limits and can invade adjacent parts of the body or spread to other organs, a process called “metastasis.” … Read more

Fast, safe and reliable diagnosis of breast cancer

When breast cancer is suspected, the San José Hospital Breast Unit offers modern imaging tests – mammography and ultrasound – and, where appropriate, a core needle biopsy (BAG) within a complete process of just one hour that allows a complete analysis of the breast. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world … Read more

WHO publishes its WhatsApp chat on coronavirus in Spanish | Lifestyle

With the coronavirus crisis, the alternatives we have to access verified information are accelerating. All social networks, video platforms such as YouTube, search engines and, of course, WhatsApp, are removing the foundations of their services to strive because we have as quickly as possible verified information about the pandemic. It is a way of making … Read more

Reliable source claims Touch ID could return to iPhone under the screen

When Apple introduced the new range of iPhone 12 on October 13 and after seeing it as the new 8th generation iPad had included a fingerprint sensor in the power buttonSome users expected that this new generation would offer that security option again, at least together with Face ID. However, it was not. Many of … Read more

Are home tests reliable to diagnose Covid-19?

This content was initially available only to our subscribers. Join us! The proliferation of offers of swabs and rapid tests at home or isolated environments to confirm or rule out Covid-19 infection arouses growing curiosity among those interested in the proposals given the expansion of the coronavirus in Córdoba. At the same time, the situation … Read more

Saliva tests: “first make sure that the saliva is reliable”, says the ministry

A biologist is working on a “rapid” EasyCov saliva test, developed by the Sys2Diag laboratory, on April 30, 2020 in Montpellier (AFP / Sylvain THOMAS) The possible approval of saliva tests to detect the new coronavirus, simpler and less unpleasant than the test by taking a sample from the nostrils, will only take place after … Read more

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Reliable for Gaming and Work

Jakarta – In today’s technological era, smartphones do not only function as a means of communication. Today’s smartphones must be able to meet all the needs of its users, such as for work to finding entertainment by playing games. Samsung presents its newest device, Galaxy Note 20. For the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra series, it … Read more

we tested Amazon’s small box for 700 km to see if Alexa was a reliable co-pilot

Amazon Echo Auto turns assistant Alexa into co-pilot for summer – 20 Minutes Amazon is launching Echo Auto, a small box to integrate into your car to stay connected to Alexa, the webmarket’s assistant. On the road to vacation, “20 Minutes” tested it for several hours on a Paris-Montélimar route. Observation: sold for 60 euros, … Read more