More famous than Jesus

The four from Liverpool weren’t particularly religious, but religion was a subject that interested them. That is why they spoke with the Catholic priests who were going to witness their performances. In their conversations, topics such as the poverty of the world and the wealth of the Church came to the fore. In The Magician … Read more

RELIGION – Acts of service lit up the world at the close of 2020

Solid waste collection, visits to the homes of the elderly, cleaning and beautification of public places, house-to-house distribution of masks and many other acts of spontaneous service were part of the actions in which volunteers from the Caribbean region of La Iglesia de Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on an international day of service in … Read more

Education. One in two teachers face challenges to their lessons in the name of religion

Two months after the assassination of Samuel Paty, in a vast investigation the Jean-Jaurès Foundation questioned teachers about the phenomena of protests against secularism and religious claims. Four in five professors say they have already been confronted at least once during their career with a claim related to religious beliefs or practices other than Catholic, … Read more

Carol singers in Oberndorf: Due to the corona there is a blessing package – Oberndorf & surroundings

So they agreed on the “blessing package”. This includes the blessed sticker: “20 * C + M + B + 21” (Christ Mansionem Benedicat – Christ bless this house), which you can then stick on the door yourself. The chalk sign of blessing will also be renewed. Pastor knows about the donation hurdle In this … Read more

When religion establishes denialism in the face of COVID

A man asks a woman to put on the mask. She responds by raising her hand, as if it were a shield, and shouting at the top of her lungs “Jesus, Jesus”. The scene, very violent, takes place in Los Angeles during a concert by a Christian pastor, controversial for gathering crowds without mask or … Read more

Catholic Family Association: 2020 as an endurance test for families

Alfred Trendl, President of the Catholic Family Association, will draw up an annual family policy balance sheet before 2021 begins Vienna (OTS) – “The year 2020 has shown us that families are an essential resource for society as a whole,” said Alfred Trendl, President of the Family Association. He would like to use the days … Read more

role of religion in education

Educators also took into account the emotional, social and physical well-being of the student, in addition to the information they are expected to master. The emotional nature of man, his complacency in the state of intellectual and political minority, the need he has for a protective tutelage and a Word exempting him from assuming the … Read more

What saint is celebrated today, Sunday, December 6? The complete list of the saints

Nicolás is a masculine name of origin Greek whose meaning is’The victory of the people‘. Today, in Spain, 58.372 men celebrate their saint thanks to Saint Nicholas of Bari. Saint Nicholas of Bari is the saint from which the figure of Santa claus O Santa Claus. He is the patron of Russia, from Greece and … Read more