SURVEY – Romanians, among the most reluctant to the Covid-19 vaccine

Only 57% of Romanians interviewed by IPSOS said they were ready to êbe vaccinated against Covid-19 once such a vaccine becomes available – among the lowest rate in the group of 28 countries participating in the study. Only Hungarians, Poles (56% each) and Russians (54%) are more reluctant, reported Radio Europa Libera Romania. The highest … Read more

On the basis of love, Lionel Messi is reluctant to drag Barcelona to court – Lionel Messi reluctant to take legal action to solve the problem of his contract at Barcelona. Why? Lionel Messi and Barcelona have disagreed over contract issues. This began with Messi’s move to unilaterally terminate his contract by activating a special clause on August 25. This special clause allows Messi to leave freely, even … Read more

Reluctant friendship between Russia and China – Abroad – News

China often uses the narrative of “friendship” in international relations, but in the case of Russia, it is emphasized in official documents, emphasizing “the tradition of friendship between the peoples of Russia and China passed down from generation to generation.” However, historical events show otherwise: much of the Cold War was hostile, with normalization only … Read more

Association: Banks are reluctant to trust farms in lending to investment projects

Banks are reluctant to trust farms in lending to investment projects, said Dzintra Lejniece, head of the Latvian Pig Breeders’ Association. Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to her, various sub-sectors of agriculture have problems attracting bank financing because they are reluctant to trust farms in lending to investment projects. Each farm individually … Read more