Changeable weather on the way: chance of showers, thunderstorms, but summer temperatures remain | Inland

The wonderful outdoor weather we are dealing with this week will in any case last until Friday. On Thursday, cumulus clouds and sun will alternate again. The conditions are great for outdoor activities. It will be 20-25 degrees and there is little wind. Text continues below the tweet. On Friday, a northeasterly wind will bring … Read more

Ryanair has canceled scheduled flights from Brno to Italy, will remain on the route to London

The Irish carrier postponed the start of the new line several times until it was completely canceled. Ryanair will not reconnect Brno from Bergamo Airport near Milan from September. During yesterday, all flights disappeared from the reservation system. Ryanair was to renew the route to Bergamo from September 3, and for several months it also … Read more

Suspects of the murder of Peter R. de Vries remain detained, are not allowed to contact family | familie Instagram

The two men suspected of the murder of Peter R. de Vries will remain in jail for the next ninety days. This has been decided by the chamber of the court in Amsterdam today. The judge found the suspicion against the two serious enough to extend the detention. Crime reporter De Vries was shot in … Read more

Witness: Hala Shiha’s father launches an attack on his daughter, “We will not remain silent”

The artist Ahmed Shiha, the father of the controversial Egyptian artist Hala Shiha, attacked his daughter, expressing his anger at her and that what she does and says puts them as a family in an embarrassing situation, and exposes them to criticism. This attack came from what the artist Tamer Hosni Kulaib presented from their … Read more

The pilot and passenger of the crashed An-28 remain in the hospital

Only two victims remain in hospitals as a result of the emergency landing of the An-28 aircraft near Tomsk. This is the pilot and one of the passengers. This was reported in the regional department of health. The pilot’s leg is broken. He will be operated on in the near future and a complex metal … Read more

Dozens of axes remain impassable in Wallonia: update on traffic

Liège The province of Liège is particularly affected with the inaccessible centers of Spa and Theux. A hole in the roadway and a landslide across the road are also observed in this province. The center of Spa is closed to traffic and that of Theux is inaccessible, reports the federal police. The N690 is closed … Read more

Antibodies to covid-19 remain after one year, according to a study

Published: 15th of July Updated: 15th of July For a year, the researchers at Danderyd Hospital have followed the immunity of covid-infected people. Now they can see that most people still have high levels of antibodies after one year. In addition, the antibodies also work against the virus variants. The study began in the spring … Read more

Despite its liquidation, Debenhams stores will remain available in the Middle Eastشرق

Kuwait’s Alshaya Group has signed a new partnership agreement with Boohoo, the company that acquired the Debenhams brand last January. Under the new agreement, Alshaya Group retains exclusive rights to manage Debenhams stores and launch a new online shopping site that will allow its customers to shop online for the first time from the Debenhams … Read more

Matteo Bruni: Pope to remain in hospital “for another day”

Matteo Bruni, head of the Holy See’s press service, reports that the pope has completed the post-operative period, but will stay in the hospital for another day to better stabilize medical and rehabilitation therapy. Inese Steinerte – Vatican On Sunday, before the Angel of the Lord prayer, Francis wanted to meet some children from the … Read more

Merkel: Ukraine will remain a gas transit country even after the completion of Nord Stream 2

„Mums Ukraine is and will remain a transit country, even after the completion of Nord Stream 2, Merkel said at a joint press conference in Berlin with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “There are big fears about this on the part of Ukrainians, and we take them seriously,” she added. On June 11, Gazprom began filling … Read more